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The New 2018 Life Ionizers are Here!

New for 2018. Life Ionizers M Series XL water ionizers are the most powerful, efficient, water ionizers in the world. Life’s new alkaline water machines deliver higher pH and antioxidant ORP levels than all other ionizers. At the same time, Life’s new ionizers are more water efficient, so you get more alkaline water and less acidic water.
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What happens to water when it is ionized

When water in a water ionizer is ionized, it is split into two separate streams of water. One of those streams is alkaline, the other one is acidic. Why two streams of water? Because of the physics behind the ionization process.
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Should you buy a Used Kangen Water Machine?

Think you found a great deal on a Kangen Water machine? Guess again. Enagic, the maker of the Kangen machine can sue you for “delinquent profits”. If you refuse to pay, Enagic can refuse to sell you replacement filters, or to service your machine.
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