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The New 2018 Life Ionizers are Here!

The New 2018 Life Ionizers are Here. See Below

Life  has completely redesigned our M Series water ionizers for 2018. Our all-new M-Series are a

The New 2018 Life Ionizers are Here!

The new 2018 Life Ionizers are the most efficient water ionizers in the world

massive step forward in water ionizer technology. Our new ionizers feature larger ionization chambers, redesigned XL Matrix GRID plates with 17% greater surface area, and new high-efficiency Porelon membranes. We’ve also redesigned our UV light filtration technology, the new UV filter is much larger and guaranteed for life. Owners of existing Life Ionizers are getting an upgrade to their machines too! We’re upgrading all the filters for our entire line of ionizers to our new anti-scale technology. This means that all Life Water Ionizers, all the way back to our Life 4100 – get an upgrade that makes them more reliable and efficient!

2018  M Series XL: Benefits of our new ionization chambers

The combination of larger ionization chambers, redesigned GRID plates, and our new Porelon membranes means that the new M Series will be more efficient than ever. These new machines will be able to deliver greater pH and antioxidant ORP levels than ever before. This means that our new ionizers will deliver more acid-fighting alkalinity, and more age-fighting antioxidant ORP than ever! Here’s why our new machines will perform better:

Larger ionization chambers:  By increasing the size of our ionization chambers, it increases the amount of time that water spends inside the chamber. That means the water has more contact time with the plates. More contact time equals more ionization.

Redesigned XL Matrix GRID™ plates: Thanks to our new anti-scale filtration technology, we were able to increase the edge surface area (the number of edges on the plate.) The more edge surface area you have, the better your plates can conduct electricity into the water. The reason for this is that electricity prefers to travel on an edge, rather than on a flat surface.

life-ionizer-reviews-undercounterGreater edge surface area enables our ionizers to achieve more complete water ionization. You get higher acid-fighting alkalinity and greater age-fighting antioxidant power. Alkalinity and antioxidant power are what delivers the benefits of alkaline water, so you want a machine that can reach the highest alkalinity and antioxidant power possible. Potent ionized alkaline water by Life is the alkaline water you need to tackle the toughest health challenges.

Machines with large flat plates (like the Kangen machine) only use part of each plate when ionizing water, because they distribute electricity unevenly. Our GRID plates high edge surface area means that our new machines will use the entire plate in the most efficient manner possible when ionizing water.

Porelon membranes: The membrane in an ionizer separates the positively charged plates from the negatively charged plates. This enables the ionizer to separate alkaline and acidic ions by attracting them to those charged plates. To separate, the ions have to pass through the membrane. Life chose the Porelon membrane because these membranes allow precise control of the size of the pores in the membrane. The membranes we use are optimized to enable the right kind of ions to pass through, and they block everything else. This increases our machine’s performance, so you get better pH and antioxidant ORP levels. You also get a more pure form of alkaline water, since our membranes are optimized for the right kind of ions. Learn More

New for 2018: All Life Ionizers get upgraded filters

All new and existing Life machines will receive our new upgraded filters with anti-scale Cleantech technology and KDF filtration media. This benefits Life owners by filtering out a wider range of toxins and reducing scale build up. Life decided to upgrade our filters because there are so many new toxins being discovered in tap water all the time. We want all our new and existing customers to have the best protection possible from toxins in tap water. That’s why we decided to extend our new filtration technology to our entire line of water ionizers. Life Ionizers is the only water ionizer company in the industry that extends upgrades to all our customers, new and existing, whenever possible. Of course, our filters retain our Vitamin C Ceramic Block technology for chlorine and chloramine reduction.

New Life Ionizers get RFID technology in their filters

Our new ionizers will integrate RFID (Radio Frequency ID) Technology to help our customers anticipate filter changes. Customers will get notified weeks ahead of time that a filter change is coming up, so they don’t get stuck with expired filters. This is important because expired filters can have reduced filtration performance, which could lead to toxins being present in your water. Our new RFID filtration technology will enable our customers to always have the purist alkaline water possible.

New UV Light filtration system

UV light filtration destroys viruses, cysts, molds, and bacteria in water. For 2018, we’ve redesigned our UV light filtration system and made it much larger. We made this improvement because news reports of biological contamination have been increasing. We’ve even heard a report of brain-eating amoebas being found in drinking water supplies! Brain-eating amoeba infections are nearly 100% fatal, so we’ve upgraded our UV light technology to provide even greater protection, and to ensure its reliability. Life Ionizers has always been a technology leader. For 2018, we are taking the lead in protecting our customers from harmful biological organisms that can be found in water supplies.

Great deals on 2018 Life Ionizers, and generous trade-in allowances

Life is excited about our new 2018 M Series water ionizers. So excited in fact that we want you to have one, whether you are a new or existing Life customer. So we are offering great deals on our new 2018 ionizers. If you already own a Life Water Ionizer or even one of our competitor’s machines, we will offer you a generous trade-in allowance. Putting the best in your kitchen is a lot cheaper than you think!

Call us today at 877-959-7977 to find out about our latest special offers and generous trade-in allowances on all new 2018 Life Ionizers M Series water ionizers


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