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A Natural Way to Better Brain Health

Recent breakthrough research has shown the way to a new, all natural approach to better brain

health. That research has shown that there is a strong link between gut health and brain health. But the most surprising finding is that leg exercise is critical to brain health. This groundbreaking finding fundamentally alters sciences understanding of the brain and nervous system medicine. It will lead to novel new therapies in the future. But you don’t have to wait for that future; there are natural ways that you can use right now to give you better brain health in the future

Why leg exercise is critical to better brain health

Research published in Frontiers in Neuroscience reveals that brain health depends on signals sent from the leg muscles to the brain. That research showed that when people are unable to do load-bearing exercises – such as walking – that their body chemistry is altered at a fundamental level. According to Dr. Raffaella Adami:

“Our study supports the notion that people who are unable to do load-bearing exercises—such as patients who are bedridden, or even astronauts on extended travel—not only lose muscle mass, but their body chemistry is altered at the cellular level and even their nervous system is adversely impacted”

In the study, researchers found that limiting physical activity reduced the number of neural stem cells in an area of the brain known as the subventricular zone. The subventricular zone is responsible for maintaining nerve cell health. The research shows conclusively that using your legs, especially in weight-bearing exercises, sends signals to the brain that are vital for the production of healthy neural cells.

Exercise and oxygen in the body

Researchers found another important fact about exercise when they studied individual cells: Restricting exercise lowers the amount of oxygen in the body. That loss of oxygen creates an anaerobic environment (one that lacks oxygen) in the body and slows your metabolism. Reducing exercise impacts genes which are important for the health of mitochondria: The powerhouse in cells that produce energy in the body.

This finding has profound implications for people who feel too tired to exercise. That constant fatigue is made worse by lack of exercise! It suggests something that every successful athlete has known intuitively: When you are most tired, that is the time to push it the hardest.

The brain/gut connection

Research has also uncovered another astonishing medical fact: Brain health is affected by gut health. High levels of harmful microbes in the gut have been shown to have a link to the development of brain diseases like Dementia. The link is clear: If you have an unhealthy gut, your chances of developing many degenerative diseases is much higher.

Antioxidant alkaline water is good for gut health

The beneficial microbes in your gut are called probiotic microbes. You can increase the levels and diversity of the beneficial probiotic microbes in your gut by consuming probiotic foods and drinking antioxidant alkaline water. Research on gut health shows that antioxidant alkaline water reduces oxidation in the gut. Reducing oxidation helps the beneficial probiotic bacteria in your gut thrive. In fact, improving gut health was the very first medical benefit from alkaline water that was documented by science.

Some of the health benefits of antioxidant alkaline water that have been observed in studies for gut health are:

    • Relief from digestive upset
    • Inactivates pepsin: The enzyme that triggers the painful burning of acid reflux
    • Weight loss
  • Relief from constipation/gas/bloating

In Japanese clinical studies, 88% of people with chronic digestive upset found partial or full relief from their digestive problems from drinking alkaline water alone! Some of the test subjects had been struggling with gut health issues for years before finding relief from drinking antioxidant alkaline water.

Notable: Improving your gut health will protect your brain health. Studies prove it!

Alkaline hydrogen water can help you get more exercise and achieve better brain health

Leg exercise will help you develop healthy new neural stem cells, but it doesn’t protect the brain cells you already have from oxidation: A process where particles called radicals attack and destroy brain cells. Oxidation is a major factor in the development of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkinson’s.  Alkaline molecular hydrogen water can protect brain cells from being destroyed by oxidation.

Alkaline hydrogen water has two antioxidants: Particles that fight harmful oxidation: Molecular hydrogen and the antioxidant hydroxyl ion. These two antioxidant particles can protect the brain because they can pass through the blood/brain barrier: A membrane in your brain that separates it from the rest of the circulatory system. That blood/brain barrier blocks antioxidants that you get from food or supplements from entering the brain.

Energize your body with alkaline molecular hydrogen water and electrolytes

Do you feel too tired to exercise? Alkaline water and electrolytes can change that – fast! If you mix alkaline water with a powdered electrolyte such as Gatorade, it makes a potent sports drink that will energize you and enhance your workout. I use this formula personally in high-intensity interval training – it really works!

  • Use 16 Ounces of level 4 alkaline water
  • Add powdered electrolytes (follow instructions on the package)
  • Mix and drink right away

Note: Bottled alkaline water will NOT work for this drink mix. Bottled alkaline water has no antioxidant potential. The antioxidant potential of alkaline hydrogen water is what makes this sports drink work.

Why you need a water ionizer to make alkaline hydrogen water

For best results, you need to drink two or more liters of alkaline molecular hydrogen water per day. Two liters is the amount of alkaline water researchers had test subjects drink per day in alkaline water health studies that showed positive results. You can’t get alkaline hydrogen water in stores. That is because hydrogen escapes through plastic, you can’t bottle it!

A water ionizer makes alkaline hydrogen water for pennies per gallon. That alkaline hydrogen water is at its most potent when it is fresh. By using your own water ionizer, you can make alkaline hydrogen water and consume it while it’s still fresh. That way you get the maximum health benefit possible.

Pro Tip: Storing alkaline hydrogen water: If you want to store alkaline hydrogen water, you must use an aluminum bottle. Hydrogen escapes right through plastic and glass.

Try alkaline molecular hydrogen water in your home for up to 75 days! Life Ionizers will let you try a Life Ionizer in your home for up to 75 days, call 877 959-7977 for information on the other health benefits of Life Ionizer’s Molecular Hydrogen water with Antioxidant, Mineral-rich alkaline water.


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