What is Polarized Water? Watt-Ahh Explained

A new bottled water called Watt-Ahh that claims to have health benefits because it is “polarized water” The problem with that is; all water is polarized. Water molecules are called dipolar molecules by scientists. Water molecules are polarized because the oxygen atom has a slightly positive charge, and the hydrogen atoms have a slightly negative charge.

How polarity works

Have you ever rubbed a balloon on your hair and then stuck it to a wall? The reason the balloon sticks to the wall is that you polarized it. By rubbing it on your hair, you charged the balloon up with electrons. The wall has a more positive charge than your now-charged balloon, so the balloon sticks to it just like a magnet.

Oxygen and hydrogen atoms stick to each other and form water molecules for the exact same reason: Oxygen atoms have a slightly positive charge, hydrogen atoms have a slightly negative charge, so they stick together. Therefore, just like the balloon that sticks to the wall, water molecules are polarized. All water is polarized water, not just Watt-Ahh.

What is Watt-Ahh? Is it Polarized Water?


All water is polarized, not just Watt-Ahh

Watt-Ahh is made by a company called Aquanew. If you visit the company’s website, you’ll find that they make confusing and contradictory claims for their water. They claim that Watt-Ahh has a “stable dioxtetrahydride structure.” Any substance that is a hydride is a metal. Water can’t have a dioxtetrahydride structure. In fact, water has no structure at all because it is a liquid.

They claim their water is enriched with electrons. That would give it a negative ORP. But they also claim that their water has “High ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) such that oxygen is available (sic).” Water with a high ORP is rich in oxygen, but it lacks electrons. That gives it a positive charge and makes in an oxidant and makes it unhealthy to drink!

Aquanew also claims that their water is “All natural, 100% ultra-pure water” That is also not likely to be true. They claim that the water

has “Stabilization of compounds for longer shelf life and product efficacy” (sic). That suggests that Aquanew adds chemicals to their water.

Watt-Ahh isn’t pure water, but it is pure bunk

Everything about Watt-Ahh is pure bunk. They claim that it stops “clustering of water molecules” which is ridiculous. Water molecules don’t cluster unless you freeze them. Watt-Ahh doesn’t have a dioxtetrahydride structure because it isn’t a metal. Aquanew can’t even get their story straight about the ORP of their water! I definitely wouldn’t trust my health to Watt-Ahh. The company that makes it uses wildly misleading claims (and very poor grammar) to promote what can only be described as snake oil.

Watt-Ahh isn’t the only water scam out there

There are lots of different brands of bottled water and some water machine makers that make wildly misleading and outright false claims for their products. We’ve covered many of these scams here on the Life Ionizers blog. The sad fact of the matter is that people are being bilked out of billions of dollars by these scams. But you can avoid water scams by using common sense:

    • Avoid products that claim to make “a new kind of water” or water with a different structure
    • Water doesn’t cluster unless you freeze it. If a company claims its product makes water with smaller clusters, it’s a scam
  • Make sure if a company makes health claims, they provide references to medical research that backs them up

Ionized alkaline water made by Life Ionizers has over 40 studies that show health benefits. If you read our blog, you’ll find information about those health benefits along with links to the studies that they are based on. Alkaline water by Life is good tasting healthy water that’s backed by medical research.

Wondering if the water or water machine you’re looking at is a scam? Call us at 877 959-7977 and we’ll find out for you


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