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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Is Lemon Water Alkaline or Acidic?

Is Lemon Water Alkaline or Acidic: How you get alkaline from an acid

Lemon water is acidic, it gets its acidity from the citric acid (Vitamin C) in lemons. But drinking lemon water actually alkalizes the body. Why? Because your body uses the vitamin C that lemon juice provides. This leaves the alkaline minerals in lemon juice – calcium, magnesium and potassium. Your body absorbs some of those minerals, but some end up being excreted in your urine, which raises its pH. For this reason, many people consider lemon water an alkaline beverage, even though it is acidic!

Potential Renal Acid Load: How an acidic beverage can alkalize your body

Is Lemon Water Alkaline or Acidic?

Lemon water alkalizes even though it is acidic!

Potential Renal Acid Load, known as PRAL to scientists, measures how much an acid “load” a food puts on your kidneys. Your kidneys job is to expel those acids, and the more of an acid load you put on them, the harder they have to work. Lemon juice has a negative PRAL ‘score” because it reduces the acid load on your kidneys. Soda, by way of contrast has a very high PRAL score because it dumps a bunch of acid on your kidneys.

So the reason a soda acidifies you, and lemon water alkalizes you, is that the acidity in lemon juice – vitamin C – is used by your body. The acidity in soda is not a vitamin, your body has no use for it, so it remains to be flushed by your kidneys after you drink your soda.

The Ultimate Lemon Water Alkalizer

We here at Life Ionizers love lemon water, we mix it with alkaline water for a couple of reasons: It increases the antioxidant benefit you get from the Vitamin C in lemon water, while at the same time reducing it’s acidity. Alkaline water also has a negative PRAL score, just like lemon juice, alkaline water gets it’s alkalinity from the alkaline minerals in it. To make the ultimate lemon water body alkalizer, you simply add lemon juice to alkaline water, and add a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Why cayenne pepper? Because cayenne pepper helps to jumpstart peristalsis – digestive and bowel movements, and stimulates the circulatory system as well. This makes Alkaline lemon water the perfect morning drink to get your day off to a healthy start!

Here’s the recipe for our favorite morning lemon water wake up:

  • 16 Oz water – Alkaline water is best

  • Juice from a wedge of lemon

  • Pinch of cayenne pepper – Alkaline water helps reduce the heat of cayenne

  • Stevia – sweetener – add to taste

Simply mix them all together and drink, your body will be grateful!

Water ionizers make acidic beverages better

Alkaline water from a water ionizer makes any acidic beverage less acidic. You can use it with orange juice, grape juice, or any acidic fruit juice. We recommend using level 4 alkaline water from your water ionizer for maximum acid-buffering power. You can also use alkaline water from an alkaline water filter pitcher such as the Pitcher of Life. Either way, you’ll be improving the nutritional benefit you get from fruit juice and make it easier on your stomach.

Alkalize and Thrive! Call us today at 877-959-7977 for more ways to take charge of your health the alkaline way.

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