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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

What is Water Ionization?

Water ionization gives alkaline water two healthy properties: Acid fighting alkalinity and age-fighting antioxidant potential. Acidic water is also generated by the process. Acidic water has uses as a beauty treatment and its great for plants.
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Why your water ionizer MUST be BPA Free

The wrong kind of plastic tubing in a water ionizer could endanger your health. Here’s why you should insist on 100% BPA free tubing in your water ionizer: Alkaline water can pull chemicals like BPA and antimony out of plastic resins, where they can contaminate the water you’re drinking
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What is Ionized Water Good for?

There are two kinds of ionized water: Alkaline and acidic. Alkaline water is drank for health purposes. Acidic water is used as a beauty rinse and a lot more. In fact, ionized water could save you a ton of money on bottled water, beauty products and cleaning products. A water ionizer is an investment that pays for itself
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