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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

Life Ionizers M11 Water Ionizer Review: Video

Expect More. Video review of the Next generation Life Ionizers M-11 – the world’s most powerful 11 plate water ionizer with the antioxidant ORP guarantee: You get the highest antioxidant potential in every glass of alkaline water at the perfect pH for daily drinking made by a 11 plate home water ionizer. Why compromise? Choose Life
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Kangen Vs Life Ionizers – The FACTS

So a friend told you about Kangen Water…Here’s Kangen Vs Life Ionizers – The FACTS Want to compare Kangen to Life Ionizers? Here are the facts in an informative 3 minute video. By the end of this video, you’ll be able to compare Life to Kangen side by side and
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Would Jesus Eat an Alkaline Diet? | Dr. Oz Show

People in the bronze age ate differently than we do today. Before there were refrigerators and supermarkets, people ate a mostly raw, plant-based diet. Dr. Don Colbert recently appeared on the Dr. Oz show and discussed his research on a scriptural basis for a healthy diet which Dr. Colbert believes
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FACTS about Arsenic Water Pollution

If you live in the West, the Midwest, parts of Texas, or the Northeast the chances are very high that there is arsenic in your groundwater supply. Worse yet, if you live near a hydro-fracking well, arsenic may be present in your water at high concentrations! The best way to
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Life Ionizer 9200 Installation Video

Want To Learn More About Life Ionizer 9200 Installation Videos? Video Transcription: Today we’re going to demonstrate the installation of the Life Ionizer 9100 convertible ionizer. The difference between the 91 convertible series and its 92, is that the 92 comes with a faucet, which allows you to install it
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Water Ionizer Comparison

VIDEO: See how Life Ionizers compares to other top brands of water ionizer in this water ionizer comparison video. Life beats Enagic, Tyent, Jupiter, and other top brands hands down because Life Ionizers have more power, bigger plates, and better filters.
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pH & ORP Test Video

pH and ORP test performed on teas, popular soft drinks and bottled water. Video Transcript: Hello! I’m here for Life Ionizers and today we’re going to talk about the power and the gift of alkalinity. What we’re going to talk about is basically energy. There’s an important balance in our
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