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How the Pitcher of Life alkaline water filter pitcher works

The Pitcher of Life is an alkaline water filter pitcher that makes alkaline water by adding a healthy mix of minerals to your water. It also filters out some of the common toxins found in water.


The Pitcher of Life adds healthy antioxidant minerals to your water

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Best of all, the Pitcher of Life is made of 100% BPA free plastics. It’s a great way to try alkaline water. It’s also the best way to take alkaline water with you when you travel.  It was designed to accommodate requests from our tens of thousands of Life Ionizer customers who wanted something when they were traveling and could not take their Life Ionizer. Life water Ionizers provide substantially more health benefits than the pitcher, but the pitcher is a useful substitute when traveling and it is so much healthier than tap or bottled water.

Toxins filtered by the Pitcher of Life

The Pitcher of Life uses an advanced ion-trapping filter media that reduces the taste and odor of chlorine. Additionally, testing done by ETR Independent Labs showed that the Pitcher of Life reduced levels of these toxins:

  • Chlorine
  • Nitrates
  • Ammonia
  • Metals
  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Pesticides
  • Heavy metals


The filter in the Pitcher of Life lasts for two months with normal use, it makes about 40 gallons of ionized alkaline water.

How the Pitcher of Life makes your water into ionized alkaline water

life-ionizer-reviews-pitcher-of-lifeAfter filtering your water, the Pitcher of Life alkalizes it to a pH of between 9 – 9.5 (depending on your source water’s pH)  by running it through a ceramic media that adds calcium and magnesium hydroxides to it. Calcium and magnesium hydroxide are both nutrients recognized by the FDA for their ability to contribute to your daily needs for minerals. These mineral hydroxides both raise the pH of the water, and add antioxidant potential to it.

The difference between a water ionizer and the Pitcher of Life

A water ionizer makes ionized alkaline water in a different way than the Pitcher of Life does. An ionizer uses electromagnetism to separate the alkaline elements in your water, mostly calcium and magnesium, from the acidic elements in water. Once separated from the acidic elements, the calcium and magnesium undergo a separate reaction which forms calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide.

The Pitcher of Life adds some calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide to water, but it can’t reach the same high pH and antioxidant levels that a water ionizer can. This is because there is a limit to how much minerals it can add to your water. To get its maximum pH and antioxidant levels, you’d have to use distilled water. But even then, you won’t get the same high pH and antioxidant levels that you can with a water ionizer.

It is best to use a Life Ionizer as the health benefits are amazing (documented with University Studies) but you will receive some minor benefits using the pitcher so it is a great way to generate alkaline water when traveling. If you find it helps you, then it’s a good idea to get a water ionizer. The water made by the machine will have an even greater effect on your health than the water from the Pitcher of Life.
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