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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

Can Water be Ionized?

Water can be ionized, just like it can be de-ionized, but not in the way many people think. Water is ionized by mineral salts, not electricity. Water ionizers don’t ionize water, they change how it is ionized
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How Water is Ionized by a Water Ionizer

All water in nature is ionized water. How water is ionized by a water ionizer is that the alkaline and acidic ions in water are separated into alkaline and acid fractions. That’s why there are two water outlets that discharge water while the machine is running.
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Ionized Alkaline Water may protect against radiation poisoning

Water ionizers can protect you from radiation poisoning in ways that no other water filtration system can. Water radiolysis makes water deadly by turning water molecules into harmful free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) by stripping electrons from the molecules. Water ionizers restore the lost electrons which then reverses the damage
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Life Ionizer Reviews: 5 Stars on Amazon

Testimonials from satisfied Life customers who’ve given Life Ionizer Reviews: 5 Stars on Amazon. They found the perfect ionizer, let us help you too! Our healthy water experts have years of experience tackling the toughest health challenges because many of us are Life customers too!
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Alkaline Water vs Hydrogen Water

Alkaline water contains minerals recognized by the FDA as essential for health. Hydrogen water contain hydrogen, which isn’t recognized by the FDA for health purposes. The fact is, you can’t absorb hydrogen in your intestines, so any that’s in the water you drink just comes back up as a burp.
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Is ionized alkaline water natural alkaline water?

Ionized alkaline water is found naturally in just 7 places on Earth. Water ionizers also make ionized alkaline water, but is it the same? Yes, the ionized alkaline water made by a water ionizer has the same legendary health restorative properties that have made Earth’s rare, antioxidant water springs the stuff of legend.
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Alkaline Water Effects on the Body

Alkaline water effects everyone’s body differently. The affect it will have on you depends on your health, age, and weight mostly. You can expect to see effects from drinking alkaline water in about 30 days after starting to drink it.
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