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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

The Most Popular Alkaline Water Brands

More and more people are enjoying the benefits of drinking alkaline water. It continues to rise in popularity, which means there are going to be more companies with their products on the market. While it might seem that they are all about the same, they actually are not. It will
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Dangers of Dehydration and its Effects on the Body

Dehydration goes much deeper than being a little thirsty. Thirst is your body’s way of telling you it needs water. Your body needs water to function properly. Without it, you can actually have some very diverse effects.  If left too long, you can suffer anywhere from mild to severe cases
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Alzheimer’s Disease and Ionized Water

A 2015 scientific paper published in the Journal of Current Alzheimer’s research suggests that ionized water could assist in brain health later in life (1). But what exactly is Alzheimer’s Disease? And how on earth can ionized water help assist in brain health?  What is Alzheimer’s Disease: An Overview At
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Chemicals in Our Water Linked to Low Fertility

Fertility struggles are something that millions of couples struggle with each year. In fact, statistics show that out of 100 couples in the US, 12 to 13 of them have difficulties conceiving. (1) And, it’s not only a large issue in the United States; fertility is on the decline worldwide.
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Toxic Teflon in the Drinking Water

Many who are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle focus solely on food and exercise while forgetting some of the other important pillars of health.  In today’s day and age, we need to be cognizant of not only our nutrition and fitness level but also hidden forms of toxin exposures. 
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Cannabis and Ionized Water

Growing cannabis without prior knowledge of the finicky plant does not set you up for success. Fortunately, this article will explain everything you need to know about soil pH, water pH, and water ionization for your cannabis plants.  The Best Water for Your Weed Plant You have gotten your cannabis
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Alkaline Water vs. Aqua hydrate bottled water

Alkaline Water vs. AQUAhydrate® Bottled Water Alkaline water is a popular choice among health-conscious consumers because of the healthy benefits it delivers. A new brand of bottled alkaline water, called AQUAhydrate® claims to be like alkaline water from a water ionizer. But a side-by-side comparison of alkaline water from a
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What is GRID Technology in Water Ionizers?

The new GRID Technology increases the surface area of plates in water ionizers. GRID technology refers to the plates in a water ionizer. GRID plates have a grid-like pattern which enables water to flow through the plates, not just along it. GRID plates are made of drop-forged titanium, they are the
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Water Ionizer SMPS and UV Light Technology Explained

SMPS & UV Light Technology Why a Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS)? LIFE Ionizers™ are powered by the most advanced power supply available today—the same kind of power supply used to preserve the longevity of delicate electronic equipment such as HDTV. This advanced system is known as switched-mode power supply (SMPS).
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Be Ready for an Ebola Outbreak | Preppers

Will you be able to disinfect your home in an Ebola outbreak? The HydraCide system is an bleach generator for emergency disinfection of Ebola and other viral outbreaks. In large-scale emergencies, stores can quickly run out of bleach. Will you be caught off-guard, unable to disinfect your home and protect your family?
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Why Bottled Alkaline Water may be Toxic

You bought it for health, but that bottled alkaline water you’re drinking is contaminated with Antimony – A toxic heavy metal and hormone disruptor. Pregnant women and children should avoid drinking water from plastic bottles entirely – here’s what you need to know
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