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How Your Diet Affects Your Joints

Life Ionizers How Your Diet Affects Your Joints

How Your Diet Affects Your Joints

What you eat and drink has a major effect on your entire body. As we age, that becomes more apparent. If you suffer an injury, even a slight one, your diet will have a direct link to how it heals and your overall recovery. 

Avoiding certain foods can certainly help you if you suffer from inflammation or joint pain. Increasing your water intake can also have a beneficial effect. It helps to flush out toxins, and other harmful substances, like salt and sugar. 

Inflammation can also have negative effects on your heart, blood pressure, and may be the leading cause of other types of disease and health concerns. Some foods can act as a trigger for inflammation, causing more harm than good, even if these foods are deemed healthy.

Foods to Ease Your Sore Joints

Eating a wide variety of foods is a great way to make sure you are getting the nutrients your body needs. It seems there is always a new ‘miracle’ diet coming forward claiming to be ‘The One’. 

Most of these diets are just fads and can often cause you more harm than good. But your diet should have plenty of food that provides antioxidants, are rich in nutrients and contain healthy fats. 

Nuts, fresh fruit and vegetables, olives and olive oil, grains, fiber, beans and legumes, and fish or healthy substitutes for vegetarian or vegan diets. There are certain spices that can help with inflamed joints, too, like turmeric and ginger.

While changing your diet won’t stop arthritis, according to Harvard Health Publishing, you can certainly help yourself maintain it and help to ease the discomfort you may be experiencing.


Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water is also vital to keep your joints moving properly and keep your entire system functioning. Alkaline water can be even more beneficial and even show improvements in bone density

But not all water is alike. Tap water can contain any number of bacteria, germs, pesticides, and other substances that can prove to be harmful. Even treated or some filtered water can still have contaminates. 

The same can be said about bottled water. It’s not ideal for the environment or for your health. There are known chemicals and toxins in plastic that can seep into the ground in landfills, into the oceans, lakes and streams where they end up, and into the food and beverages contained within.


Alkaline Water 

A healthier alternative to tap or bottled water is alkaline water. More and more people are discovering the benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water that they can produce themselves.

This way, you know what is in it, and you can adjust the levels you want to get the exact type of water that will suit you and your family’s needs. Everyone is different, so you can produce various types of ionized alkaline water for each person in the home.

Drinking alkaline water can help with inflammation and joint pain and it helps to control the pH levels. It can also help to buffer the amount of acid in your stomach. According to sources, alkaline water may help those who suffer from acid reflux. 

Alkaline water helps you to absorb minerals much faster, so you can start to heal that much faster. Alkaline water can help improve many areas of your health simply by not drinking water that isn’t as healthy as it could be.

If you can produce your own healthy water at home or in the office, why wouldn’t you? It’s ideal for your regular drinking water but you can also reap the benefits if you cook with it, as well. 


Alkaline and Inflammation

People with joint pain and inflammation are embracing a diet high in alkaline. That means they are consuming food and drinks with a higher pH level in them, to combat the pain of inflammation. 

This is done to reduce the amount of acid in one’s diet and system. These foods that have a higher level of pH are recommended as part of a healthy diet anyhow. 

Consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables and cutting out food and other items that can cause inflammation will be a great start to eliminating it from your body altogether. 

Drinking alkaline water will also improve your inflammation issues, along with other health issues, like extra weight, high blood pressure, and even kidney problems. 

Consider a Life Ionizer for your home or office or both. There are plenty of models to choose from, so you can take them with you when you are away and have alkaline water wherever you need it.

Get healthier water for you and your family starting today. There is a product for every need and every budget. These products are continually being improved to make sure you get the best water available.

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