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Why Bottled Water Is Bad For You

Why Bottled Water Is Bad For You

Why Bottled Water Is Bad For You

Depending on where you live, you may be cautious about drinking your tap water. People often assume that bottled water is the healthier option, but that is not necessarily the case.

The main problem is not the water but the bottle. Moreover, the plastic. The environmental impacts of disposing of plastic bottles and the chemicals released from them when it becomes hot or cold. 

Environmental Impact of Plastic Water Bottles

Worse yet are the single-use bottles, often bought in bulk. It’s not just where the plastic bottles end up. Often landfills and our oceans, lakes, and streams have an environmental impact on how they are made.

According to an article from Harvard University, the impact on the environment is harmful from start to finish when it comes to plastic water bottles. Making water bottles uses fossil fuels, contributing to global warming.

It’s an expense we can certainly live without. The cost of making bottled water and the cost to our environment. When the bottles eventually start to break down, the chemicals they contain end in the soil, water, plants, and animals.

Plastic Bottles and Our Health

The chemicals in plastic are slowly released into whatever is being stored. After a time, these can get considerably worse. If these containers are exposed to heat or bright light, the rate these toxins are released is increased. 

According to an article in National Geographic, the number of chemicals released are not significant enough to cause any damage. But that’s now. What about the long-term effects down the road? 

Plastic bottles that are exposed to heat can release a toxin called antimony. Antimony is slowly released into the food or beverage in the plastic container, but it happens even faster when the container is heated up. Plastic bottles left under the sun can speed up this process, left in a hot car, placed next to a heat source, and even during transport and storage. It can take very little time for the water in your plastic bottle to become contaminated.

Also worth considering is that many of us think we are doing the environment a favor by reusing the same water bottles. We are refilling them with our water source but putting it into possibly already contaminated bottles. 

If you are concerned about drinking your tap water, you can always boil it to rid it of anything that may be harmful or make you sick. EcoWatch advises that you store it in glass containers, not plastic. 

Healthier Options

If you are genuinely concerned about drinking your town’s tap water and are also trying to avoid the issues that come from bottled water, consider a water filtration system.

You can buy several different products, from jugs and filters that attach to your tap. You can also think about getting healthier water for many years to come. 

Life Ionizers offer two types of solutions. Ionized alkaline water and ionized acidic water and studies suggest it may be healthier for you. It’s better than drinking bottled water, as you don’t know that bottle’s history.

You can drink it right from the system or use your containers to store it or take it with you. You can find convenient methods that go under the counter, sit on the counter, travel systems, and accessories.

Eliminate the worry of buying bottled water and producing your own much healthier water right at home. You can store your water, if needed, in containers that you know are safe. 

Ionized alkaline water is great for drinking and can be used for cooking, washing your fruits, vegetables, and beauty care routines. It can make a big difference, and you don’t have to worry about the chance of chemicals and toxins in the water. 

Avoid Bottled Water

Not only does bottled water contains toxins and chemicals, but even your tap water can have any number of germs, bacteria, and even heavy metals, like lead. Boiling water won’t always eliminate these issues, and with bottled water, you can’t know its source or history. 

We all react to different substances differently. The entire family of products from Life Ionizers allow you to choose the type of water you and your family consume.

We are improving our products to ensure you are getting the best, healthiest water you can. Why would you want to risk your health on something that can be causing harm when you have so many other options available? Contact us today at (877) 562-1964 .

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