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The worst-case scenario could happen: Ebola or another harmful virus breaks out, and all around you are potentially infected people, spreading infectious agents to their clothes, furniture, and elsewhere. So you protect yourself by disinfecting everything you touch with bleach. But what happens when the stores run out of bleach? You run to the store, only to find bare shelves, because everyone else has the same idea you do!  Or you could be prepared for a viral outbreak like Ebola with HydraCide – The machine that makes bleach out of salt and water.

ebola-outbreak-emergency-disinfection system infographic

Be ready for an Ebola outbreak with HydraCide – The machine that makes bleach

HydraCide – Turn Salt and Water into Bleach in just 30 Minutes

Life Ionizers HydraCide machine makes bleach through a process called membrane electrolysis. Simply add one gram of ordinary table salt to water, run the machine for 30 minutes, mix the two types of water that come out of the HydraCide machine together, and voila! You have made a solution of bleach and water that is strong enough to kill Ebola, plus other viruses and bacteria.

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The HydraCide machine makes 4 liters of bleach solution every thirty minutes, that can be mixed 50/50 with clean water and still be strong enough to disinfect contaminated clothes, surfaces, or any other object that may potentially be infectious. This means that in an hour, you can make up to 16 liters – over 5 gallons – of bleach  solution for disinfection purposes.


Ebola isn’t the only viral outbreak that threatens safety

Currently, the CDC warns of two other viral outbreaks in the US just in the month of October alone:

  • Unknown Virus – Cripples Children – Colorado
  • Serogroup B meningococcal disease – flu-like symptoms – UC Santa Barbara and Princeton University

Current Status of the Ebola Threat – USA

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) currently reports that there are 10 different places in the US where the CDC has acted to treat a patient or investigated the threat of an Ebola virus outbreak (see map). The latest incident involved a homeless man in Texas named Michael Lively who came in contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, the first confirmed US case of Ebola.

map of ebola outbreaks in usa

Areas of concern for Ebola outbreaks in US – October

The Ebola threat is ongoing.

It takes nearly a month for the symptoms of Ebola to appear after a person becomes infected. This means that people who caught the virus in Africa, and subsequently traveled to the US before their symptoms appeared could currently be in the US. A person infected with Ebola becomes infectious when symptoms of the disease appears.

HydraCide a must-have for Survival Prepping

If you are concerned about the threat of viral outbreaks, and are prepping for one, the HydraCide machine is a must-have piece of survival equipment. It uses only a tiny amount of power, so it’s easy to run on a generator or inverter. The HydraCide machine is very simple to operate, and maintenance is simple: It just needs an occasional rinse with a solution of vinegar and water to remain in perfect working order. A HydraCide is a real space-saver, you don’t need to store gallons and gallons of bleach to be ready to survive an outbreak. Your HydraCide machine will make that bleach for you, when you need it.

HydraCide machine makes home sanitation easy

The US enters flu season as the days get cooler, and the nights get longer. This means that even without an Ebola outbreak, you may still need to disinfect your home to protect yourself and your family from colds and flus. A HydraCide makes that easy, because you can generate large amounts of bleach solution for disinfection for just pennies. It takes just a quarter-teaspoon of common table salt to generate a batch of bleach solution with the HydraCide machine. Even just the salt in a salt shaker can make over 100 gallons of bleach solution. This means that you can make and keep on hand large amounts of bleach solution so you can immediately disinfect clothes, furniture, bedding, and more!

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