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Is Your Water Stunting Your Plants?

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 Does The Water You Use Stunt Plant Growth?

We are all concerned about the water we drink and whether it is clean or healthy? But what about the water we give our pets or plants? Plain tap water may not be the best solution.

Most tap water contains additives like choline and fluoride. These additives can be harmful to your plants. Some tap water may even contain heavy metals, like lead. 

The water we give our plants takes the nutrients from the soil and carries them through the roots to feed the plants. It makes sense that the better quality of water we use, the better for the plants.

Ionized Alkaline Water for Plants

Whether you have a larger garden with flowers and food plants, or a few indoor plants, they can all benefit from ionized water. The water we use, in particular, for food plants, can have an impact on our own health.

If you have to filter your drinking water, then unfiltered water that goes on your plants means you are still going to be consuming the chemicals or heavy metals that are contained in your water. 

If you are buying filters or other products to clean your water, or if you are buying supplements to help feed and add nutrients, you may be better off with an ionized water machine. 

The pH level for plants is important, and it needs to be taken into consideration. If the pH level is not high enough, they can experience stunted growth. There can be brown or yellow spots on the leaves and even spots on blooms or fruit.

If the pH level is too high, the plants can be damaged from that, as well. The fruit or blooms may rot before reaching maturity, discoloration on the leaves, root rot, and browning tips and edges of leaves. 

The amount of pH required will depend on the type of plant. Some plants will survive and even thrive on higher or lower levels of pH but others need a delicate balance. 

With a Life’s ionized alkaline machine, you can adjust the level of pH you want. That means you can set one level for your drinking water and another for your plants, your cooking water, and even your bathwater. 

Oxidation-Reduction Potential and Plants

The oxidation-reduction potential, or the ORP, refers to water’s ability to break down waste for cleaner water. There are many different levels of ORP, and this is the measurement of oxidation. 

Oxidation happens when a chemical loses electrons. Reduction is when a chemical gains electrons, so the reduction is the opposite of oxidation. Both oxidation and reduction can happen in the same reaction, which is why reactions involving oxidation and reduction are often called redox reactions.

Ionization energy is the amount of energy required to remove an electron. Ionized alkaline water is the purest form of water. With an ionized water machine, you can remove chemicals, bacteria, and other pollutants.

This is better for your health and your plants. If you have fresh-cut flowers, they will bloom and last much longer when placed in ionized water. Just like how we breathe in the oxygen that plants breathe out, their water needs are the opposite of ours.

For our best health benefits, we should avoid water with a high acidic level. Your plants, however, will thrive on it. An extra boost of acid in the water and the soil means the plant will get the benefits of the nutrients.

So, when plants are given water that contains pollutants and contaminants, those enter the soil and the plant. This can be hard on the plants and even kill them. If you are using impure water on food plants, then you are also ingesting these toxins.

Life ionizers are available for small needs and large. You can get your system customized to meet your every need. That means a custom-designed system for the size you need and based on the type of water you have.

If you have a few houseplants or an enormous orchard, you want them to get the best nutrition for the best possible outcome. If your tap water contains lead, then so will your balcony tomatoes.

Contact us here at Life Ionizers today at (877) 562-1964. We analyze your water and put together a filtration system that is ideal for what you need and your water type. If you already give yourself the best water available, don’t your plants deserve the same treatment?

With the right water, your plants will thrive. They will grow bigger and last longer. Even if you only have a few potted herbs in your kitchen window, whatever you feed them is feeding you.

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