Why your water ionizer MUST be BPA Free

When you buy a water ionizer, you expect to get fresh, healthy, and most of all pure ionized alkaline water. But if you buy the wrong ionizer, you may get something else in your water that you didn’t bargain for: BPA. Cheap water ionizers, such as those made in Taiwan and China, use inferior materials in their construction, and that includes piping made with plastic that contains BPA.


The wrong kind of plastic in an ionizer can be dangerous. Insist on 100% BPA free plastic

How BPA may affect your health

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a potent endocrine disruptor, which means it mimics the hormones in your body. It may cause hormonal problems, especially in women. It is also mutagenic which means it may cause cancer. Specifically, the FDA has mentioned that it may have adverse effects on the brain and the prostate gland in children. For adults, the main concern is that BPA may be linked to a higher incidence of heart trouble. There is less evidence that shows potential links between BPA and obesity and diabetes. While the research is still preliminary, why would you want to take the chance?

Beware of the FDA approved plastics scam

Some cheap brands of water ionizers claim to be made with FDA approved plastics, but watch out: FDA approved plastics are NOT approved for use in water treatment devices like water ionizers. FDA approved plastics are for food storage only! Worse yet, FDA approved plastics can and in many cases do contain BPA. The only way you can be sure that your ionizer doesn’t expose you to BPA is to buy an ionizer that is 100% BPA Free.

Antimony: Another threat lurking in cheap plastics

BPA isn’t the only problem with cheap plastics, they also contain antimony: A toxic heavy metal. Antimony in the plastic used in a water ionizer is a serious problem, because alkaline water pulls antimony out of plastic resin! Especially if the water has been sitting in the ionizer for an extended period of time (such as overnight) antimony will leach out of the plastic, and into the water.

Cheap water ionizers are made of cheap materials

Ever wonder why most water ionizers cost $1,500 or more, and others don’t? It’s because cheap ionizers are made of cheap materials. For example, the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe cuts corners by not using a platinum coating on its plates. Because of that, anybody who drinks the water made by an Aqua Ionizer Deluxe is drinking water tainted with titanium dioxide, along with any chemicals that leech from the cheap plastic the machine is made with. Life Ionizers actually had the plates from an Aqua Ionizer Deluxe tested by Metallurgical Engineering Services Inc. The test results revealed that the plates were made of 100% titanium, with zero trace of platinum! The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe is a dangerous machine, you should not drink the water from it under any circumstances!

Life Ionizers: Quality you can see, quality you can trust. 100% BPA Free

At Life Ionizers we have a simple rule that guides our choice of materials that we use to make the water ionizers we sell: “We get our alkaline water from the same water ionizers we sell to you”. Our office machine is a Life Ionizers M-11, my machine at home is a Life Ionizers 9200. We take health seriously at Life Ionizers, it’s why every Life Ionizer comes with:

  • Free Custom Filtration
  • 8 coats of platinum on every plate
  • 100% BPA Free plastics
  • Laboratory-grade, patent-pending Vitamin C Ceramic block filtration
  • And the best warranties in the business

All this quality enables us to guarantee that you will get the highest possible age-fighting antioxidant potential in every glass of alkaline pH balanced water you drink. Life Ionizers is the only water ionizer that makes this guarantee. Good health is priceless, and you’re worth the best.

Putting a Life Ionizer in your home is easier than you think. Call 877-959-7977 for the best deals on the best water ionizers made.


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