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Life Ionizers M11 Water Ionizer Review: Video

Life Ionizers M11 Water Ionizer Review: Video

Transcript: Introducing, the first 11 plates residential water ionizer…. The new Life Ionizers 2018 Next Generation m11. We always recommend that anyone researching for a new Ionizer. Check out our Life Ionizers M11 Water Ionizer Review video to get the facts on this powerful and versatile water ionizer machine.

The New 2018 Life Next Generation M-11 is the high-end ionizer that gives a top-of-the-line performance.  The Next Generation M-11 has the MAX Yield power you need to deliver the antioxidant potential of alkaline water at the pH levels you want faster than other machines.


The M Means Maximum – More of everything you want in a water ionizer.

The Life Ionizers M-11 features our new Max Yield™ Power system which produces stronger pH water adjusting up to 12.0 pH for powerful acid-neutralizing alkalinity and up to -860 ORP for alkaline water with the higher antioxidant potential Our Fully Adjustable amperage allows you to get the pH you need with the highest antioxidant potential.  And our Max Yield SMPS Power™ system has the highest power of any residential water ionizer on the market.

Life Ionizers purifies your water with powerful filtration that filters the contaminants. Life Ionizers has the ultimate filtration system that is customized to address the toxins in your water, Here’s how we do it:

life-ionizer-reviews-4-yearsFirst: your local water quality report is analyzed so that we are able to discover the toxins that are in your water.

Second: Toxins Are then targeted with a custom-configured pre-filter system, protecting you and your family by eliminating such toxins as fluoride, heavy metals, and chlorine.

Life Ionizer Technologies offer optional technologies that can Maximize your water with UV Light that guards against infection from bacteria, viruses, and cysts.  Energy Frequency or Laser Energy Technologies are optional.  And heavy duty GRID Plates create 10 – 15% stronger ionized water.”

Life Max Style can be seen in the M-11’s compact, sleek new design which will complement the look of any kitchen. You will love the large, easy to read display, and the convenient top-mounted controls! With the same compact, sleek design as the other M series, you are able to fit the unit easily into any space with limited effort and maximum convenience.  The optional faucet allows the unit to be converted into an under the sink unit for space saving.

The M-11’s MAX plates have a large surface area that optimizes the water. This means you get stronger alkaline water than you can get from any competing 11 plate models!

With 11 MAX Plates™ along with the Super Coil the M11 is the most powerful ionizer in it’s class!  All this power and the large plates gives the M-11 the ability to generate the pH and antioxidant potential levels you need to maximize your water. With alkaline levels up to 12 and the acidic pH as low as 2, the Life M-11 Next Generation is perfect for health professionals who need to provide their clients the advanced benefits in healthy alkaline mineral water.  Plus, the 25% faster water flow makes this unit the choice for larger families.

Life Ionizers Next Generation M-Series beats the competition in water filtration, power, and plate surface area. This means you can be sure that every glass of alkaline water you get is purified of contaminants, and energized with the highest antioxidant potential you can possibly get in the alkaline water at the right pH for daily drinking. Learn More!

Call us now at 877-959-7977 for a limited time introductory offer and special bonuses on the new 2018 next generation life ionizers. Mention this video and save even more!


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