Alkaline Water Ionizer vs. Evanmor Water

Alkaline water from a water ionizer and Evanmor® alkaline water have both shown they can neutralize more acid than plain water. For acid reflux sufferers, the acid-neutralizing ability of alkaline water holds the promise of gentle long term relief from their symptoms. But If you are considering drinking alkaline water for health, you should compare these two kinds of alkaline water for both quality and price. Bottled alkaline water is very expensive and not as good as ionized alkaline water.

What is Evanmor® water?

alkaline water ionizer compared to Evanmor water infographic

Think about it, you will be drinking water every day for the rest of your life!

Evanmor® is an artesian water, which means it comes from aquifers deep in the earth. Artesian water is very similar to alkaline water from a water ionizer because both get their alkalinity from mineral hydrates.

Artesian water is similar to alkaline water from a water ionizer until it has been exposed to air. When artesian water is exposed to air, it’s alkalinity gets neutralized by the CO2 in the air. This means that if you buy a bottle of Evanmor®, and you don’t drink it right away, it can lose it’s health benefits!

Why alkaline water from a water ionizer is like artesian well water

Artesian spring water is rich in mineral hydrates because it has never been exposed to air. The CO2 in the air acidifies the water. That causes it to lose some of it’s health benefits. A water ionizer reverses that process. The CO2 in the water is removed by the machine’s ionization process. What remains is the alkaline minerals in the water. They subsequently combine with the water in a process called hydrolysis.

The result of the process is that alkaline water from a water ionizer regains the healthy, natural qualities of artesian spring water. Hydrate minerals are what makes artesian water better than plain water. These same hydrate minerals also make alkaline water from a water ionizer better than plain water.

Evanmor® water is bad for the environment

Bottled water is very bad for the environment, it takes three times as much water to make the plastic bottle Evanmor® comes in than the amount of water that is actually in the bottle! Plastic waste is decimating the oceans as well.

Since Evanmor® is pumped from an aquifer, it is also depleting that aquifer. Many scientists point out that widespread consumption of artesian well water is not sustainable. This means that this precious resource may end up being destroyed by over-consumption!

BPA Warning: The bottles Evanmor® come in probably contain BPA!

Compare and Save: Alkaline Water Ionizer vs. Evanmor

Evanmor® water is very expensive, it costs about $5.34 for a 32-ounce bottle! For good health, you would need to drink at least one bottle of Evanmor per day. If you drank 1 bottle of Evanmor per day, you would spend $160.00 a month! Evanmor® is sold in packages of six bottles for about $27.00.

You can finance a water ionizer for a third of what you’d pay to drink Evanmor® every day. Plus, you get more alkaline water with higher potency and quality! With a water ionizer, you generate alkaline water to drink and cook with. Water ionizers also make acidic water which is a miracle rinse for hair! (trust me on this, my hair is almost 2 feet long!). It’s also great for storing vegetables in and for growing sprouts.

Ultimately, you will be drinking water every day for the rest of your life. You have a choice, get a water ionizer and get the healthy, optimized water you need for pennies per day. Or buy expensive bottled water like Evanmor®. At one bottle of Evanmor® per day, you would spend $1920 per year! You can buy a water ionizer for a lot less than that!

Compare: Alkaline water from a water ionizer .02 – .03 per gallon – Evanmor® $23.36 per gallon.

Yes! We can get you the healthy water you need for a lot less! Call us today at 877-959-7977 for special offers that make owning a water ionizer easier than ever!

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