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Should you buy a Used Kangen Water Machine?

Caveat Emptor. That’s Latin for “buyer beware” and that’s exactly what you should do before buying a used


A used Kangen Water machine can quickly become a very expensive Kangen machine

Kangen Water machine. Brand new, the Kangen SD-501, Enagic’s most popular model, goes for $3,980. But if you search online, you’ll find used Kangen systems for sometimes less than half that price. This may seem like a really good deal, but Enagic, the maker of the Kangen Water machine, warns that you “should not buy Kangen Water machines” on sites like Craigslist, Amazon, or eBay. 

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Buying a used Kangen Water machine: What could go wrong?

Sued by Enagic, the manufacturer of the Kangen Water machine, doesn’t allow the Kangen machine to be sold at a discount. In fact, if Enagic finds out that you bought a discount-priced machine, they may sue you.

Warranty not honored. Even if you buy that discount-priced Kangen machine as brand new, still in the box, Enagic won’t honor the warranty. Even if the machine was just purchased a couple of weeks ago (Enagic only accepts returned machines for 30 days unused, and 7 days used, after date machine is delivered to your home) Enagic will not honor the warranty. when something breaks, you’re on your own.

Can’t buy replacement filters. Enagic records the name of the person who buys their machine. When you try to buy a replacement filter, they will refuse to sell you one if your name doesn’t match their record of the person that bought that machine. The only way to get them to sell you replacement filters is to pay them what they call the “delinquent profit.” The delinquent profit is the amount that they didn’t get because you bought your machine at a discount price. This means you end up paying the full $3.980 cost of a new Kangen machine or you can’t get replacement filters for your system.

Enagic won’t fix your machine. If that discount-priced Kangen machine breaks and/or needs maintenance, Enagic will refuse to service it. You will have to pay Enagic the “delinquent profit” on the machine before Enagic will service it.

Severe internal problems. The Kangen water machine can destroy it’s own plates. If that happens, it costs $800 to fix. It is easy to destroy the plates in a Kangen machine. You can do it accidentally when you clean the machine. It can also happen if you use Enagic’s chemical acid additive to make Strong Kangen Water. Since the plates are inside the ionization chamber inside the machine, there is no way you can inspect them prior to purchase.

Kangen Water machine sales on eBay and Amazon are forbidden

No matter what price is charged, you may not buy a Kangen Water machine on eBay or Amazon, Enagic forbids it. In fact, Enagic will call the police on you! They consider machines that are sold on Amazon and eBay to be a form of fraud. You may end up facing criminal charges just because you tried to save a few dollars!

What about used Life Ionizers?

Used machines are ok. You are perfectly within your right to buy a Life Ionizer used. The only thing to keep in mind is that the warranty doesn’t transfer if you buy a used machine. Otherwise, we’re happy to sell you replacement filters, and happy to service your machine if it needs it.

You can buy Life Ionizers on eBay and Amazon. Our machines are sold on eBay and Amazon. To ensure your Life Ionizer is new, comes with a warranty, and that we are able to get you the right prefilters for your local water quality, we ask that you please make sure of two things:

  • Make sure you buy from an authorized Life Ionizer dealer – so call us to confirm if the seller is an authorized Life Dealer
  • Make sure you buy a new Life Ionizer

We ask you to verify these things when buying a Life Ionizer to ensure that you are getting a new machine and that it comes with the right prefilters and our warranty. Even if you buy a used machine, we will still be happy to help you buy the right filters for it. If you buy a new Life Ionizer, we include the filters for your machine for free plus a pre-filter system!.

New Life Ionizers are a bargain. Our 7 plate Life MXL-7 sells for less than half of what the Kangen Water machine sells for, and it makes better ionized alkaline water than the Kangen machine makes. So for the price that you might pay for a used Kangen Machine that Enagic could sue you over, you could buy a new Life Ionizer that comes with custom-configured filtration and a far superior warranty when compared to Enagic/Kangen’s limited 5 year one. Why take chances on a new machine when you can have a new one?

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