Cosan water ionizer compared to the Pitcher of Life

The Cosan water ionizer is an alkaline water filter that costs $500. The Pitcher of Life is an

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Why pay $500 for something you can get for less than $50?

alkaline water filter that costs $39.97. Both of these products make antioxidant alkaline water with dissolved molecular hydrogen in it. They both give you about the same pH level and antioxidant ORP levels. But is the Cosan water machine worth $460 more than the Pitcher of Life? That depends on your circumstances.

Filtration: Cosan vs Pitcher of Life

The Cosan alkaline water filter reduces levels of chlorine, heavy metals, sediments, and biological contaminants in your water. So does the Pitcher of Life. In fact, these two filters reduce levels of the exact same toxins in your water. The difference between them is how fast they work. The Cosan water ionizer is a flow-through machine. Water flows through it and fills your glass. The Pitcher of Life makes ionized alkaline water one, two-liter batch at a time. So the Cosan system will make more water faster than the Pitcher of Life. Otherwise, these systems give you similar filtration performance.

The filter in the Pitcher of Life is able to give performance similar to the four-stage filter in the Cosan unit. It can do this because the Pitcher of Life uses advanced ion-trapping filter media that was originally developed for NASA. The Cosan system uses conventional filtration media, so it needs larger, bulkier filters to match the performance of the Pitcher of Life.

pH Performance

life-ionizer-reviews-pitcher-of-life-energyBoth of these systems produce water with a pH of around 9.5, and give the water they make some antioxidant potential. The performance given by both of these alkaline filters depends on your source water quality. The higher the mineral content of your water, the less these alkalizers will alkalize your water.

A warning about hard water

If you have hard water, it’s likely that you won’t get good pH or ORP performance out of either the Cosan machine or the Pitcher of Life. Hard water is saturated with minerals, so you can’t dissolve that much more into it. Because of that fact, both the Cosan water machine and the Pitcher of Life won’t give you good performance with hard water. Your best bet is to buy an alkaline water ionizer.

Alkaline water ionizers vs. water alkalizers

The Cosan machine is advertised as a water ionizer, but it’s not. The Cosan machine is a water alkalizer, here’s the difference between the two:

    • Water alkalizer – Adds minerals to water to alkalize it
  • Water ionizer – Uses electromagnetism to make ionized alkaline water

Of these two different machines, water ionizers are superior. Water ionizers don’t add any minerals to your water. Instead, they use electromagnetism to separate the alkaline minerals in your water from the acidic substances. Water ionizers have several advantages:

  • Adjustable pH and ORP
  • Works great with all water types
  • Gives you more antioxidant potential than water alkalizers
  • Filters last longer

For health purposes, water ionizers are vastly superior to water alkalizers, here’s why: Good health begins in the gut. The type of bacteria in your gut determines how healthy you are. The beneficial bacteria in your gut are called probiotics. They prefer an antioxidative environment. Ionized alkaline water creates that for them in your gut. The higher the antioxidant potential of the water you drink, the better it is for the probiotic microbes in your gut. Water ionizers reach a much higher antioxidant potential. The higher the antioxidant potential of the water you drink, the more beneficial it will be to the probiotic microbes in your gut.

Pitcher of Life is a better value than the Cosan water alkalizer

Water alkalizers like the Pitcher of Life and the Cosan water alkalizer are good for maintaining your good health. They don’t generate high enough antioxidant potential to make them good at tackling health challenges, for that you need a water ionizer. But if your goal is to try alkaline water to see if it has any effect on your health, a water alkalizer is an inexpensive way to do so. Between these two alkalizers, the Pitcher of Life is definitely the best value. Both of these alkalizers do the same thing, but the Pitcher of Life does it for $460 less.

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