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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Why H2 Infused Water Ionizers are a Scam

There are a few brands of water ionizer out there that claim to make “H2 infused” alkaline water. All of these

Why H2 Infused Water Ionizers are a Scam

You can’t absorb hydrogen in your intestines, it can only be absorbed by the lungs

brands have some things in common. None tell you how much hydrogen they make. They are all underpowered, typically having no more than 150 watts of power. Machines that have enough power to make hydrogen have a lot more power. Most noteworthy, they are all overpriced. None of the H2 ionizers on the market gives good pH or antioxidant ORP levels, they are a waste of money.


If you want to make hydrogen out of water, you need a lot of power – and the right type of membrane

To get hydrogen from water, you have to separate the hydrogen atoms from the oxygen molecules that make water. Separating those molecules takes lots of power, typically over 400 watts. 

None of the water ionizers being sold as H2 infused machines have enough power  to produce hydrogen. These machines are  entry-level water ionizers that would sell at a discount price if they were sold honestly.

Hydroxyl ions make alkaline water an antioxidant

The antioxidant potential of alkaline water comes from the hydroxyl ion. A negatively-charged particle made up of a hydrogen atom and an oxygen atom. Oxidation damages your cells and DNA by stealing electrons from them. It is the process that makes iron rust, and cut apples turn brown. Oxidation destroys DNA and cells and contributes to aging and the development of degenerative diseases.

Hydroxyl ions have extra electrons. When confronted with an oxidant such as a free radical, antioxidants donate their electrons to the oxidant, which neutralizes it. By neutralizing the radical, an antioxidant prevents that radical from damaging your cells and DNA.

Why H2 infused water offers health benefits

H2 infused water ionizers do make water with health benefits. But it’s not because of the H2 in the water they produce. They offer health benefits because they make ionized alkaline water with antioxidant hydroxyl ions in it.  Furthermore, research shows that you can remove the hydrogen gas from H2 infused alkaline water, and you’ll still get the same antioxidant benefit!

H2 infused water ionizers are just weak, overpriced, water ionizers. If you want the health benefits of antioxidant alkaline water, your best bet is to buy a powerful ionizer. Ionizers with lots of power are able to put more antioxidant hydroxyl ions into the water you drink.  You get extra antioxidant benefits from those antioxidant ions. Life Ionizers have up to 800 watts of power and large plates. Life Ionizers gives you the highest antioxidant benefit in every glass of pH balanced alkaline water you drink – we guarantee it.


Don’t fall for a water ionizer scam! Call us at 855 959-7977 to find out the perfect water ionizer for your health needs and budget


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  • Shanker Manshani says:

    H+ are positive ions, those can be deposited at negative electrodes only and OH- are negative ions, how can those be deposited at negative electrodes ….?

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