Life Ionizers: NEW Molecular Hydrogen XL Technology

Introducing Life Ionizers NEW Molecular Hydrogen XL™ Technology

Life Ionizers MXL Series ionizers with NEW Molecular Hydrogen XL™ Technology make the most molecular hydrogen of any brand of water ionizer and makes antioxidant alkaline water at the same time!

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Life Ionizers makes more molecular hydrogen than any other brand of ionizer – guaranteed!

Life’s machines make the most molecular hydrogen because Life Ionizers are the most powerful water ionizers made. Top-of-the-line Life Ionizers can produce as much as 800 watts of power, that’s the highest amount of wattage reached by any brand of water ionizer. Power matters when you’re making hydrogen from water, because the hydrogen and oxygen atoms that make up water molecules are tightly-bonded together, those bonds are formed by magnetism. To break those bonds, you have to supply an even greater amount of magnetism. The more power you’ve got, the more of those hydrogen and oxygen bonds you can break, and the more hydrogen you can make.

Life Ionizers MAX Hydrogen™ water guarantee: You’ll get more molecular hydrogen in your alkaline water by Life than with any other brand of water ionizer.

You also get the highest antioxidant benefit in every glass of hydrogen-rich ionized alkaline water you drink – we guarantee it!

You need either chemicals or power to get hydrogen from water

If you use chemicals, they can have some nasty side effects. Enagic uses a calcium glycerophosate additive to get their machine to make stronger water with a tiny amount of hydrogen in it. But if you drink that Kangen water, you run the risk of side effects including gas, bloating and even kidney stones.

Powerful ionizers make hydrogen water, without the side effects that come from added chemicals

Why it takes a lot of power to get hydrogen from tap water

You can’t ionize pure water. Pure water doesn’t conduct electricity very well, so you can’t push enough power into it to split the water molecules. You can ionize tap water because tap water contains a small amount of calcium and magnesium bicarbonates. Those mineral salts enable tap water to conduct electricity, and that enables the water to be ionized.

But there is only a small amount of those mineral salts in tap water, so tap water will only conduct a small amount of current – unless you have a lot of power. The Life MXL-15 with our NEW Molecular Hydrogen XL™ Technology can put out up to 800 watts of power. At that level of power, you’ll see tiny bubbles in the water that rise to the top of the glass – those tiny bubbles are hydrogen. Those tiny bubbles appear because the water is saturated: filled beyond its capacity to hold, with hydrogen.

Weak ionizers such as Alkaviva’s “H2 Infused” machines with only 150 watts of power will not make water with those tiny bubbles rising in it, because they are not powerful enough to saturate the water with hydrogen. Water can only hold about 0.00017 mg/L of hydrogen, a very tiny amount.

If you want to drink hydrogen water, drink it fast!

When you have a powerful ionizer, and it makes alkaline water with those tiny bubbles of hydrogen in it, you need to drink the water quickly. This is because hydrogen is lighter than air, if you let the water sit, the hydrogen will simply bubble up out of it and float off into space.

A very powerful ionizer like the MXL-15 with our NEW Molecular Hydrogen XL™ Technology has another advantage when it comes to making hydrogen water: It has a high flow rate of up to 6 liters per minute. This enables the MXL-15 to quickly fill your glass so you can drink the hydrogen in it before that hydrogen escapes.

Should you choose to buy a Life Ionizer for making hydrogen-rich water, we’ll be happy to assist you in setting up your machine for maximum hydrogen production. Simply call our service department, and they’ll help you set up your Life Ionizer for maximum power output.

Want hydrogen water? Call us at 877-959-7977 and we’ll help you choose the right Life Ionizer and help you set it up for MAX Hydrogen water!

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  • Anthony Raia says:

    I have a life ionizer 9100/9200 counter top model and was considering trading in for a new Molecular Hydrogen ionizer what are my options Thank You Anthony

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