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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Negatively Charged Water Benefits

What is Negatively Charged Water?

Negatively charged water is water that has a negative electrical charge. That charge comes from electrons; negatively charged atomic particles  In the body, negatively charged water  reduces the damage caused by harmful particles called radicals that destroy tissues and DNA. Some studies on animals have suggested that negatively charged water may be able to extend lifespans. This research would need to be confirmed in human studies.

Negatively charged water has the potential to act as an antioxidant. It comes with a host of health benefits

Negatively Charged Water Benefits

Negatively charged water has a host of benefits that you can’t get from plain water

that you don’t get from plain water or bottled alkaline water. Water becomes negatively charged by charging it with electricity. That negative charge can be measured with a meter called an ORP meter, which reads in millivolts (mV). The higher the negative charge, the more antioxidant benefits you can get from the water. Because of that, the best way to make negatively charged water is to use a water ionizer with a lot of power.

Age-fighting Antioxidant Potential

Aging is a biological process with many causes that are not fully understood. One of the things we do know is that the aging process can be accelerated by oxidation in the body. Oxidation shortens cell telomeres – protein caps on the ends of DNA strands. These strands protect the DNA from oxidation. This shortening ultimately exposes the DNA to oxidation.

Oxidation is caused by positively charged particles called radicals. These radicals are energetically unstable particles that grab electrons from wherever they can to neutralize their unstable charge. In your body, they grab those electrons from DNA and tissues.

Negatively charged water contains excess electrons which it readily gives to unstable radicals. This process stabilizes the radical. This spares tissues and DNA from the damage that radicals do. As a result, negatively charged water has the potential to slow down age-accelerating radical damage.

Negatively charged water for a healthier gut

Aging isn’t the only thing caused by oxidation. It also causes harmful microbes called aerobes, to flourish in the gut. Harmful aerobes have been implicated as a factor in many health problems. They are even involved in problems that occur outside the gut, such as dementia. These harmful microbes love oxidation, they thrive in environments where the potential for oxidation is high.

The beneficial microbes in the gut are called probiotics. They are anaerobic microbes, and they thrive in anti-oxidative environments. You’ve probably seen yogurt and other products that are touted to improve digestive health by introducing probiotic bacteria into the gut. Here’s what they don’t tell you: All those probiotic bacteria that you eat have to travel through your stomach first. When there is food in it, your stomach turns into a highly acidic environment. That acidity kills probiotic bacteria! So by the time they arrive in your intestines, they’re dead.

Negatively charged water passes through the stomach without triggering stomach acid production. Once in your intestines, it can suppress the growth of harmful aerobes. Additionally, it can support the growth of probiotic microbes. As a result, the balance of microbes in the gut shifts towards the beneficial probiotics. Studies done in Japan examined people with mild digestive upset that could be caused by harmful aerobes. Those people drank alkaline water and experienced partial to full relief of their symptoms in about 2 to 4 weeks. These findings led the Japanese Ministry of Health to certify water ionizers as medical devices for the treatment of mild, chronic digestive upset.

Negatively charged water increases the antioxidant benefit of Vitamin C, Coffee, and Tea

Negatively charged water’s antioxidant potential has been shown to increase the antioxidant benefit of other antioxidants. It triples the antioxidant potential of Vitamin C, and increases the antioxidant benefit of both coffee and tea. This means you get more healthy antioxidant benefit from the healthy antioxidants you are already consuming in your diet. It also makes better tasting coffee and tea as well, so there is a double benefit.

Negatively charged water may protect brain cells

Oxidation is also a threat to brain cells. The problem with most antioxidants is that they can’t get to the brain to protect it. The brain is separated from the rest of the circulatory system by the blood/brain barrier. It acts like a filter that keeps harmful particles out of the brain. Unfortunately, it also keeps the antioxidants you consume in food from reaching the brain too.

Negatively charged water passes right through the brain/blood barrier. So it can protect the brain from oxidation. Oxidation in the brain is a factor in Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other neurodegenerative diseases. Reducing oxidation in the brain has been shown to help protect it from neurodegeneration.

Can you make negatively charged water with baking soda or lemon juice?

No. To make water with a high negative charge, you need electricity. That’s why at the beginning of this article it recommends a water ionizer with lots of power. The more charge you can push into the water, the higher its negative charge will be. The Life Ionizers MXL-15 can adjust up to 800 watts. That enables it to put a negative charge in the water of -900 mV! That’s nearly a full volt of oxidation-stopping antioxidant power in a simple glass of water. That kind of antioxidant power meets and exceeds the minimum levels cited in studies that show health benefits from drinking negatively charged water! Learn More


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