Life Ionizers now offers warranty service in Hawaii

If you live in Hawaii, you know that many products aren’t serviced in Hawaii. You have to ship


Hawaii Residents can now get their Life Ionizer serviced locally

most products to the mainland for warranty service. Now, Life Ionizers owners in Hawaii can have their ionizers warranty service performed locally. Life Ionizers has opened a brand new warranty service center on the Big Island in Hawaii. Our new Hawaiian service center means that our customers in Hawaii will have lower shipping costs and shorter shipping times for warranty services. Instead, warranty service will be performed right there in Hawaii.

A lifetime of reliable service, in Hawaii!

If you live in Hawaii and want a water ionizer, consider buying one of Life’s top-of-the-line models. All of our 9, 11, 13, and 15 plate home water ionizers come with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. A Life Ionizer with a lifetime warranty is your best bet for healthy water in Hawaii. Your lifetime warranty means that your Life Ionizer never has to leave Hawaii!

To make alkaline water in Hawaii, you need a lot of power

Hawaii has some of the softest water in the nation. This is because most of Hawaii’s drinking water comes from rainwater, so it has very low mineral content. You need a lot of power to ionize soft water like the water in Hawaii. The reason for this is that water that lacks minerals will not conduct current very well. So you need a lot of power to overcome the resistance of that soft water.

life-ionizer-reviews-hawaiiIf your water has very low mineral content, you may need to run a remineralization filter. A remineralization filter adds the healthy minerals you need to get from water every day for good health. In fact, drinking water with low mineral content is associated with a dramatically higher risk of heart attack. So even if you don’t buy a Life Ionizer, you may want to buy a drinking water system with a remineralization filter to add the essential minerals you need for good health to your water.

Is your water ready for ionization?

If you are concerned that your water may not have enough minerals for good health, or for ionization, Life Ionizers can help. Simply call us at 877 959-7977 for a free water quality analysis. Using your local water quality report, we will assess the mineral content of your water and tell you if you need to add minerals to it. We will also tell you if any toxic chemicals have been found in your water supply.

Does the water you’re drinking have enough minerals in it for good heart health and ionization? Call us at 877 959-7977 for a free consultation


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