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What is Polarized Water? Watt-Ahh Explained

A new bottled water called Watt-Ahh that claims to have health benefits because it is ā€œpolarized waterā€ The problem with that is; all water is polarized. Water molecules are called dipolar molecules by scientists. Water molecules are polarized because the oxygen atom has a slightly positive charge, and the hydrogen
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EZ Water or Living Water is an Alkaline Water Scam

Want to know what the latest absurd gimmick in healthy water is today? Look no further than Dr. Mercolaā€™s EZ Water or Living Water. Dr. Mercola claims: ā€œThere is a fourth phase of water, not H2O but H3O2, and can be called living water. Itā€™s more viscous, dense, and alkaline
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Is Alkaline Water Really Better for you? A Rebuttal

An article in the New York Times begins with this question: Q. Are there benefits of drinking alkaline water, or is what Iā€™m reading just a bunch of hooey? The Times answer to itā€™s question is: ā€œA. Despite the claims, thereā€™s no evidence that water marketed as alkaline is better
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Rebuttal to Alkaline Water Plus

Alkaline Water Plus makes several false allegations against Life Ionizers. To set the record straight, we offer this rebuttal. We would prefer it if the owner of Alkaline Water Plus would take down the false allegations.
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Alkaline Water vs Hydrogen Water

Alkaline water contains minerals recognized by the FDA as essential for health. Hydrogen water contain hydrogen, which isn’t recognized by the FDA for health purposes. The fact is, you can’t absorb hydrogen in your intestines, so any that’s in the water you drink just comes back up as a burp.
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