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Enagic Kangen Representatives NOT allowed to make health claims

Enagic Kangen Representatives NOT allowed to make health claims

Have your heard or read medical claims made by Enagic salespeople for Kangen Water? Many people have

Enagic Kangen Representatives NOT allowed to make health claims?

Enagic representatives are not supposed to make health claims for Kangen Water

heard miraculous claims for Kangen Water. Enagic sales representatives claim it cures cancer, obesity, etc. You can find medical claims made by Kangen sales people all over the internet. You’ll hear them made by Kangen Water salespeople at their Kangen house parties that they use to try and get you to buy a Kangen Water machine. But here’s a real shocker: Kangen Water salespeople are not permitted to make any medical claims for Kangen Water!

Enagic Website: “Policy on NO MEDICAL CLAIMS”

According to Enagic’s website, there has been a policy in place since 2011 that forbids Kangen Water distributors from making medical claims for Kangen Water. According to Enagic Policies and procedures:

(a) Independent distributors are prohibited from making medical, curative or

treatment claims, whether expressed or implied;

(b) Independent distributors are prohibited from using

in all of their marketing materials and promotion any descriptions that are regarded as health or medical claims stating that Kangen Water® may alleviate, cure, diagnose, prevent, relieve, or treat any medical condition, disease, ailment or malady

(c) Any violation of these guidelines will constitute grounds for disciplinary action, commission suspension and/or termination of distributor status.

Why Doesn’t Enagic Enforce their No Medical Claims policy?

A quick Google search for Kangen Water and cancer turns up over 100,000 results. Some of those results are skeptical. But most of them come from Kangen Water distributors who claim that Kangen Water is a miracle cure for cancer.  Some of the claims are simply outrageous, such as: Brain cancer evaporated! Doctors amazed in four cases. None of these claims are supported by medical science. All of them are forbidden by Enagic, but Enagic doesn’t enforce their no medical claims rule.

The reason Enagic probably doesn’t enforce their no medical claims rule is that they’d be out of business if they did. The Kangen Water machine is about twice as expensive as other seven plate ionizers. If Enagic’s salespeople didn’t make fantastical medical claims for the water produced by their overpriced machines, nobody would buy them. The fact is, Kangen Water is made the same way all water ionizers make alkaline water. There’s nothing special or different about Kangen Water. Learn More

Life Ionizers does have health information on alkaline water. How come?

Life Ionizers is different than Enagic. All our health information is written by our company author/researcher and thoroughly vetted before it is published. Another big difference is that Life Ionizers provides references (see the bottom of this article). That enables you to check our sources and weigh the evidence we base our claims on. We urge you to do your own research, in the words of Sir Isaac Newton: Nullis en-Verba – “There is no truth in words, see for yourself”

Life Ionizers health information is based on over 40 studies that have been done on the health benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water. That’s a lot of information, but it’s very important to understand that more research is needed. One big problem stopping that additional research is the crazy unfounded health claims made by Enagic sales representatives for Kangen Water. Their claims enrage the medical community and result in the health effects of ionized alkaline water not being taken seriously.

Life Ionizers will continue to bring you the latest research and most accurate information on alkaline water. We believe that your health is important, and that you have the right to make an informed decision on any general wellness supplement like ionized alkaline water, that could have an effect on it.


Heard something about Kangen Water that you’re wondering if it’s true? Call us at 877-959-7977 and we’ll give you the facts




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