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Kangen Water Machine Scams on Amazon and eBay

So you went on eBay or Amazon and found a great deal on the Kangen Water™ Machine. It normally sells for $3980, but you found it for a lot less than that – the deal seems almost too good to be true! That’s because it probably is too good to be true. Enagic kangan does not allow the kangen machine to be sold at a discount. If you buy a kangen machine that has been discounted fraudulently, you may end up being sued by Enagic to recover the profit they didn’t make on that machine. Enagic may also not provide any warranty on your machine, or even sell you replacement filters unless you pay the delinquent profit on that machine in full.

kangen water scam ebay amazon infographic

Think you found a kangen water machine for less than $3980? Think again.

Statement from Enagic’s Compliance Department on fraudulent sales

A notice from Enagic™ Kangen’s™ compliance department which appeared on Facebook as early as July of 2012 reveals that police investigations were instigated by Enagic in response to the Amazon/ eBay Kangen Water  machine scam:



All Kangen Water™ machines offered on eBay are not authorized sales. If you know someone who bought a machine on eBay, Amazon, or similar websites, please tell the buyer to call Enagic’s Compliance Department immediately so that he can be informed of the following:

1. Machines bought on eBay are not covered with warranty. The warranty is only for the “original purchaser” as stated on the warranty card.

2. eBay buyers do not become Enagic Independent Distributors.

3. Machines sent for service that are associated with delinquent accounts must go under a thorough investigation to determine whether or not eBay buyer may be held responsible for unpaid balance.

4. If the machine bought on eBay is included in the fraud cases, there is a great likelihood that eBay buyer will be included in the fraud investigation currently conducted by the police. (We have confirmed reports that machines subject of fraud investigation by police are sold on eBay).


Compliance Department

Tel (310)542-7700 FAX (310)542-1700

Why would an Enagic Kangen distributor scam the company they represent?

Enagic™ water ionizers are sold by a network of independent dealers through a multi-level marketing scheme. Enagic™ has built in a generous level of profit for their independent dealers; of the kangen machine’s $3980 purchase price, $2,300 is paid to the multi-level marketers that are selling the machine. That leaves an actual cost of $1,680 for the machine.

An unscrupulous kangen dealer might be tempted to undercut other dealers by cutting some of that $2,300 profit out of the price of the machine by selling via Amazon or eBay. If you buy that underpriced machine, you may be on the hook for the amount that you thought you were saving on the machine! You may even be contacted by the police about the kangen machine™ you purchased!

The safest way to buy a water ionizer? Direct from the manufacturer

Scams happen on eBay and Amazon, despite the efforts of both companies to stop them. Because of this, the safest way to buy an ionizer is direct from the manufacturer. By buying your new water ionizer direct from the manufacturer, you get the best price, and can rest assured that your new ionizer isn’t part of a police investigation.

Are Life Ionizers sold on Amazon and eBay?

Yes, you can find Life Ionizers on Amazon and eBay, for warranty purposes, you want to make sure the machine you’re buying is new, and being sold by an authorized Life dealer. Since Life Ionizers are sold direct from us, machines sold on Amazon or eBay are legit, but the warranty on a Life Ionizer isn’t transferrable. So if you buy a used machine, it doesn’t have a warranty.

Click here to compare Life with Kangen

Questions to ask an Amazon or eBay seller:

  • Are you an authorized Life Ionizer dealer?
  • Does the machine come with a warranty?
  • Is this a new or used Life Ionizer?

If you are buying from an authorized Life Ionizer dealer, you can be certain that you’re getting a new machine that comes with a warranty. Purchasing your new Life Ionizer from an authorized dealer also ensures that your new ionizer comes with a properly configured pre-filter system that addresses water quality problems unique to your local water quality.

Buy with 100% confidence. Call Life Ionizers today at 877-959-7977 for the latest money saving special offers and bonus savings on Life Ionizers.

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