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Life Ionizers Endorsed for Lupus Care

Lupus Care and Life Ionizers

Life Ionizers Endorsed for Lupus Care

Lupus Foundation of America board member Marisa Zeppieri-Canuara and her husband

Marisa Zeppieri-Canuara is not the kind of person that lets life make her a victim. Marisa has battled Lupus, Asthma, and other health challenges for much of her life – and she’s winning the fight! In fact, as a board member for the Lupus Foundation of America, Marisa is bringing the fight to Lupus in a way that is inspiring people to fight back against the condition nationwide. Marisa credits alkaline water as an important part of her healthy lifestyle, and she recently endorsed Life Water Ionizers for the outstanding quality of our machines and the alkaline water they produce.

Detoxification an important part of Health Recovery

Marisa feels that one of the chief benefits she gets from alkaline water is detoxification. She juices several times per day and credits the alkaline water from her ionizer for effectively detoxifying her fruits and vegetables:

The machine provides water that tastes incredible and has been phenomenal in terms of removing toxins and dirt in our produce. We juice several times per day and soak our fruits and vegetables in the water from our machine. We noticed from the very first time how much better the juice tastes! Within just a few minutes of soaking, you can see the water become dark as it removes the impurities.

You would be simply amazed to see how much harmful residue is coating your fruits and vegetables. Contamination one produce is one of the main ways that toxins find their way into your body!

Alkaline water and autoimmune disorders

Alkaline water is used therapeutically by Dr. Russell Jaffe in his clinic as part of a system to manage the symptoms of autoimmune disorders called The Alkaline Way. Dr. Jaffe’s system has three elements in it:

    • Alkaline water

    • Alkaline foods

  • Lab testing

The diet favored by Dr Jaffe is “health-promoting, nutrient- and fiber-rich” . Marisa’s juicing covers all three of these factors, which suggests that juicing should be a part of anybody’s routine for coping with autoimmune disorders. Dr. Jaffe says that alkaline water is an important part of his system because diet alone may not provide sufficient micronutrients.

Research performed by the World Health Organization supports Dr. Jaffe’s belief that alkaline water supplies essential nutrition. In fact, it was found that the body absorbs calcium and magnesium from water 30% faster and easier than it does from food.

Lupus Foundation of America – Resources for people with Lupus

If you, or someone you know has Lupus, the Lupus Foundation of America has resources you should check out. Information on the Lupus Foundation’s website can help you figure out if you have Lupus, and what to do about it. You can also connect with local chapters of the foundation to get support from others that are living with Lupus.

Got Lupus? Life Ionizers wants to help! Call us today at 
877-959-7977 for complete details on our special discounts that we offer to Lupus survivors.

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