Beware of Kangen Water Scam Ads

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The Kangen Scam – Overpriced, MLM Pyramid, and Obsolete Technology

If you search Google for “Kangen water® Scam” or “Kangen water® Fraud”, you will find many web pages that try to sell you an Enagic® water ionizer, but don’t tell you anything about the Kangen water® scam. These web pages are engaging in a “bait & switch”. They lure you in by posing as legitimate websites with information about the Kangen water® scam, and then attempt to sell you water ionizer that the Kangen water® scam is all about – the Kangen water® ionizer!

What is the Kangen Water® Scam?

The Kangen water® scam has several parts. Disreputable Multi-Level marketers use scam Kangen water® ads to lure unsuspecting people into buying a Kangen water® water ionizer. The next part of the Kangen water® scam is the price, these machines cost about twice as much as every other water ionizer made! The third part of the Kangen water® scam is that the overpriced machine you get is made with obsolete technology.

The Kangen Water® Scam Exposed: If you compare, you will save

If you compare the Enagic® water ionizer with other ionizers, you will discover that you get a lot more for your money from other ionizers. The Enagic® machine only has 7 plates, better quality ionizers come with 9 plates, you get more for your money and pay less. The Kangen water® machine has only a single filter that is less effective at purifying your water than machines with multiple filters.

The Replacement filter for the Enagic® machine (priced at $110) is very expensive. As a matter of fact, you can buy a complete set of replacement filters for a Life Ionizer – two internal filters and a pre-filter – for less than you pay for Enagic®’s single filter!

Enagic® water ionizers are also a headache to maintain. You have to clean it at least once a month with a special chemical you can only buy from Enagic®. Every other popular brand of water ionizer only needs cleaning about once every 6 months.

Compare Enagic® Water Ionizers with other leading brands

Don’t be fooled by Kangen water® scam ads, the bait, and switch that these marketers are using are reprehensible. You can pick any other leading brand of ionizer on the market and be sure of getting more for your money than you do from the Enagic® machine.

Compare Life Ionizers to Enagic®

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