New 2018 Life Ionizers with Heavy Duty GRID Plates

The Advantages of New 2018 Life Ionizers with Heavy Duty GRID Plates

  • More molecular hydrogen than any other brand
  • Higher antioxidant potential
  • Longest life guaranteed

Our NEW 2018 Life Ionizers with Heavy Duty GRID Plates are 3X Stronger than Mesh, Flat or Hybrid plates.  Grid plates were developed for use in heavy duty commercial water ionizers like the Life Ionizer CL-2000. That machine makes 8.4 gallons of alkaline water per minute. The CL-2000 uses Grid plates because they are stronger and more durable than any other type of plate. Now, Life Ionizers is introducing heavy duty Grid plates in all new 2018 model Life Ionizers. Additionally, Life’s GRID plates have MAX Coat platinum plating – 8 layers of Platinum over Industrial Titanium.

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Life’s new Grid plates are so durable that we guarantee them for life. Compare that with Kangen, which only warranties their Flat plates for 5 years.

Grid Plates give 10 – 15% Higher pH and Antioxidant ORP Levels

Highest Acid-fighting alkalinity and age-fighting antioxidant potential is what you need in alkaline water from a water ionizer. Grid plates give you more of both: 10 – 15% higher pH and antioxidant ORP levels when compared to flat or hybrid plates. The improvement in pH and ORP given by Grid plates is similar to the improvement you get from MESH plates. But Grid plates are much stronger than MESH plates.

More Molecular hydrogen. Hydrogen has amazing antioxidant benefits that can help with health problems like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Life’s new GRID plates are part of our Hydrogen XL technology that puts more molecular hydrogen in your glass than any other brand of ionizer, we guarantee it!

Grid Plates are proven tough: Life’s heavy duty grid plates are time-tested and proven. They are used in Life Ionizer’s LV-1000: The world’s first alkaline water vending machine. Thanks to its GRID Plates, Life’s LV-1000 vending machine can crank out 400 gallons of healthy alkaline water per day! Life’s LV-1000 vending machines have been in service for years. These vending machines make alkaline water and high profits for their owners! Life has never had any of those grid plates returned for service in that time!

How Heavy Duty Grid Plates are Made

Life’s heavy duty grid plates are drop-forged from pure Industrial Titanium. Then they given 8 coats of platinum for maximum durability and extended wear. Conventional plates are merely stamped out of a sheet of titanium. Because of that, they’re flimsy and can easily fail with heavy duty use. The process of forging is what gives Grid plates their outstanding toughness.

Grid plates are the toughest plates made

Grid plates will outlast flat, MESH, or Hybrid plates because their platinum coating is thicker and tougher, plus the titanium grid itself is much stronger. Plus, the Grid Plates in a 2018 Life Ionizer are very large, top-of-the-line 2018 Life Ionizers M-Series have more plate surface area than Kangen Water Machines that can cost over $1,000 more. Remember, Kangen will only warranty the plates in their machine for 5 years, unless you pay them an additional $400. Then you only get an additional 5 years warranty for a total of 10 years. Life Ionizer Grid Plates are guaranteed for life, it’s that simple.

Life M-13 vs. Kangen K8 – Heavy duty water ionizer vs heavy duty water ionizer

Life’s M-13 and Kangen’s K8 are both designed for heavy duty use, but the Grid plates in the 2018 Life Ionizer enable it to outperform the K8. Grid plates allow higher flow rates. For example, a 2018 Life Ionizers M-13 fitted with Grid plates can fill a gallon container in just over a half a minute! That’s equal to Kangen’s K8, but the M-13  costs $1,483 less than the Kangen K8! Life guarantees our GRID plates for life. Enagic only guarantees their plates for five years.

The Life M-13 with Grid plates crushes the Kangen K8 when it comes to pH and ORP. The M-13 can reach a pH of over 12, the K8 can only reach a pH of 9.5, unless you add chemicals. Since the pH scale is logarithmic, this means that the M-13 can make alkaline water that has 2 and ½ times more acid-fighting alkalinity than the K8 can! The M-13 also supplies 50% higher antioxidant ORP than the Kangen K8. Life’s M-13 beats Kangen’s best, the K8 and it does it for a lot less!


2018 Model Life Ionizers available now! Call us at 877-959-7977 for the latest special offers that will save you even more on the best water ionizers, with the best plates, with the best warranties.

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