Top 10 Craziest Kangen Water Scams

Author’s note: The multi-level marketers that sell Enagic® Kangen Water® machines make a lot of claims about the kangen® machine and the water it makes. Some of their claims are so “out there” that they have attracted the attention of well-known skeptics. Regardless of what you think of Kangen Water®, some of the claims made about it are just too funny to ignore. Sometimes it’s the way a claim is worded, other times it is the claims themselves that make me chuckle.

Here, for your entertainment is some of the craziest things I have ever heard (or read) about Kangen Water® (all these claims are direct quotes from Enagic® Kangen® sales representatives! I haven’t changed any of the words)

Why the Kangen Water® Scam is so funny

Enagic® corporation (which sells Kangen Water® machines) uses multi-level marketing (MLM) to distribute its ionizers. The MLM representatives attempt to write articles about alkaline water, but most of them don’t understand the science behind it. The result of their efforts is mostly pure nonsense, and it’s often with hilarious!

Avoid buying an ionizer from MLM sales people! They often don’t know much more about the product than you do. If the ad for a water ionizer is ridiculous, like the examples above, you know the information in it can’t be trusted.

Kangen Water® Machine Scams that are just too crazy to believe

batshit crazy kangen scams infographic

Watch out: Kangen reps get paid only when they sell a machine – and they’ll say anything to do so.

1)      Experience The Advantages Of alkaline water scam For your Health
Alkaline Water Scam is a type of Kangen-based water which is considered to be a lot better than piped water. It doesn’t only have a variety of health

Why it’s funny: A scam that is good for your health???

2)      What You Get From Drinking Kangen Water® | pandora30 | ScrewAttack
By consuming Kangen Water®, you’ll be able to assist to neutralize the acids and reinstate your pH with a popular level. the primary good thing about this

Why it’s funny: A ScrewAttack? Sounds painful! What is the most “popular” pH level for my body, and how will kangen water “reinstate” it?

3)      Use Kangen Water® scam To Improve The Home’s Hydration System

Why it’s funny: There’s that kangen water scam again! Only this time it’s good for your homes hydration!

4)      Kangen Water® – Now The Whole Loved Ones Can Remain Healthy
Kangen Water® is a sort of Kangen-based water which is considered to be better than piped standard water. It doesn’t only have various health advantages,

Why it’s funny: What about the partial loved ones? Kangen Water® is ‘sort of’ Kangen®-based water? Is that like being “sort of” a health scam?

5)      The Truth About the Kangen Water® Scam | Tom’s Business-Building
If Kangen Water® is the Gold Standard you’ll want to know more about it. If the the Kangen Water® Scam is true you’ll want to run the other way.

Why it’s funny: Wait… I thought the Kangen Water® scam was good for you! Should I run the other way if it’s true?

6)      Increase Your Health By Using Ionized Kangen Water®
A person’s inhabitants are unsafe either and lots of people are actually designed to rely on ionized Kangen Water® for better health.

Why it’s funny: My inhabitants? Who’s living inside me? I’ve never met anyone designed to rely on Kangen Water®, have you?

7)      The Overwhelming Effects of Kangen Water® To Our Body
To deal with the enhancement for the existing lifestyle and to offer you the privilege to experience a a lot more healthy body, you have to conserve a great

Why it’s funny: Do you really want to be “overwhelmed” by Kangen Water®? How will being overwhelmed “enhance the existing lifestyle”?

8)      Find Out The Truth About Kangen Water® Scam
The Kangen Water® scam is specific at marketing much more healthy liquid consumption and it also works this by using a fit condition of anti oxidant

Why it’s funny: There’s that healthy Kangen Water® scam again! This time it’s gotten a job marketing healthy liquid consumption!

9)      Kangen Water® machines |
Imagine the capability to save cash even though not having to eat unhealthy rapidly food. Envision becoming able to skip the health food isle with

Why it’s funny: I can’t even imagine what saving cash by “not having to eat unhealthy rapidly food” is like! But it sounds like you can skip the health food isle!

10)  Kangen Water? Scam or Gold?
y too much a wide variety of opinions with regards to Kangen Water®, I find Kangen Water® Scam this, Kangen Water the greatest since sliced bread.

Why it’s funny: There’s that Kangen Water® Scam again, this time it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread!

 Have you seen an outrageous Kangen Water claim???

Please post it in the comments section after this article. Your contribution just might find its way into the next “Craziest Kangen Water® Claims” article!

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