Is there any difference between Kangen vs other Ionizers?

Is there any difference between Kangen vs other Ionizers and why?

The Kangen Water® machine costs about twice as much as other ionizers. According to  Enagic

 Is there any difference between Kangen vs other Ionizers?

Kangen isn’t water, it’s a trademark name

the high price of the machine is justified by the amount of platinum on its plates They also ascribe seemingly magical

properties  to Kangen Water®. But there is actually no such thing as “Kangen®” water. That’s merely a trademark name owned by Enagic®. That’s why we have to put the “®” symbol after it.  So is there really any difference between Kangen® vs. other ionizers? We did the math, here’s what we found:

Is there more platinum on the Kangen Machines® plates?

To find out, you have to do some math. The Kangen machine® has seven large plates. Each plate measures 2.875 inches wide by 5.5 inches deep. That gives you a surface area of 15.65 inches per side, for a total of 31.3 square inches per plate. Both sides of the plate are coated with platinum. Multiply that times seven, and you get a total of 219.1 square inches of plate surface area that Kangen® covers with a .20 micron coating of platinum.

The Life Ionizer MXL-9 has plates that measure 2.375 inches by 5.5 inches. That gives you a surface area of 13.06 inches, for a total of 26.125 square inches per plate that Life Ionizers coats with .20 microns of platinum – the same thickness as Enagic®. But the MXL-9 has nine plates, versus Kangen’s® seven. That means that the MXL-9 has a total of 235.125 square inches of platinum coating on its plates, 16.025 square inches more platinum than the Kangen machine®. So according to Kangen®, these machines should cost about the same – they don’t. The Life MXL-9 is just $2,597 – That’s $1383 less than the Kangen machine®!

life-ionizer-reviews-9100-bestKangen Myth BUSTED: The high price of the Kangen Water® machine isn’t due to the amount of platinum used to coat it’s plates.  Life’s MXL-9 has more platinum on its plates, and it costs $1383 less.

The Life Ionizer MXL-13’s plates are the same size as the M-9’s. It has a total plate surface area of 339.625 square inches of plate surface area coated with the same .20 micron thickness of platinum. That’s over 100 square inches more platinum than the Kangen machine®, and it still costs less than the Kangen machine®. The MXL-13 is just $3,497, which is $483 less than the Kangen machine®. What about performance? The MXL-13 blows the Kangen machine® away. It gives you the highest possible antioxidant potential at water pH levels that are perfect for daily drinking – guaranteed!

Is Kangen Water® different from ionized alkaline water?

All water ionizers make alkaline water the same way: They use charges plates separated by a membrane to split tap water into alkaline and acidic water. All water ionizers use titanium plates that are coated with platinum. All water ionizers use the same type of ion permeable membrane. So as much as Kangen sales people would like you to believe that their trademark Kangen Water® is different than ionized alkaline water – it isn’t. It’s made the exact same way. In fact, the water made by the Kangen machine is actually pretty weak because the machine only has 235 watts. For its $3980 asking price, the Kangen machine is actually one of the weakest ionizers on the market.

Bottom line: All water ionizers make ionized alkaline water using the same method.  The Kangen machine is actually one of the weakest ionizers on the market. There is nothing different or better about Kangen Water®. In fact it’s not as good as the water you can get from competing ionizers.

Is Kangen Water® cleaner than ionized alkaline water?

There are shortcomings in the design of the Kangen machine. Because of this the water made by those machines may actually be less healthy than the water made by other ionizers. The Kangen machine uses an antiquated single filter design that doesn’t remove heavy metals or salt. This means that if you drink Kangen Water®, you may be exposed to toxins that other water ionizers would protect you from. Other brands of water ionizer use two or more filters. Companies do this to protect you from the wide range of toxins that may be present in your tap water.

Life Ionizers does protect you from those and other toxins. Every new Life Ionizer comes with a free custom filtration system. It is configured to protect you from the toxins found in your local water supply. This is a Life Ionizers exclusive service, no other brand does this to protect your health.

But aren’t there studies that say Kangen Water® is better?

No. In fact, this may surprise you:  No studies that have ever been done on Kangen Water®. There are two reasons for this that should now be obvious:

  • There is no such thing as “Kangen” water. It’s a brand name, not a type of water
  • “Kangen®” water is no different than any other ionized alkaline water

There are over 40 studies on ionized alkaline water. But they use the scientific name for it which is Electrolyzed Reduced Water. If you search that term on Google, you’ll find lots of studies. Search for Kangen Water®, you’ll find none. Any scientist can tell you why: Kangen® is merely a brand name, so there’s no reason to study it.

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