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Are the Benefits of Alkaline Water a Placebo Effect?

There is an ongoing debate about the health benefits of alkaline water. On one side are people who own water ionizers, who swear by the health benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water. On the other side are skeptics, who claim that the health benefits reported by alkaline ionized water drinkers
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Kangen Water Scam is Bad Science

BUSTED! Kangen water has been exposed as a fraud. Many Kangen Water are based on fake science. Beware, many of these fraudulent claims are known healths scam that have bilked consumers out of thousands of dollars. Here’s how to spot them
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What is Alkaline Kangen Water?

Alkaline kangen water® is sales fiction; the term is meaningless to chemists and doctors. Kangen water® is a marketing term for alkaline water used by the Enagic® Corporation. Kangen water® is marketed for Enagic® by Multi-level marketers as a magical cure for virtually every health malady known. However, most of
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Is Alkaline Water a Myth?

Many people have water that is alkaline  coming straight from their tap. They don’t even realize it! If you have hard water, chances are good that your tap water will have a pH higher than 7. If your tap water’s pH is higher than 7, you have alkaline water. Why then
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Alkaline Water Science – Why Skeptics are Wrong

Alkaline water skeptics often try to deny the that water ionizers make water alkaline by quoting retired chemist Stephen Lower who claims that: “If the water is pure enough to be potable, the amount of electrolysis that actually occurs is too small to be significant”. A simple test of a
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Top 5 Alkaline Water FACTS and Myths

The health benefits of ionized alkaline water are based on science – and Life Ionizers has the studies to prove it. “Kangen Water” is an alkaline water myth that uses pseudoscience to promote ridiculous, unproven health claims. Which do you trust your health with?
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Is Ionized Water a Hoax?

Thanks to the work of retired chemist Stephen Lower, we are constantly asked “is the term ‘ionized water’ meaningless to chemists?” The short answer to that question is:  no, but ionized water IS a misnomer. Ionized  Water – Science, not Snake Oil The term ‘ionized water’ is actually a misnomer
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