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Rebuttal to Alkaline Water Plus

What About the Rebuttal to Alkaline Water Plus?

Alkaline Water Plus has never been a fan of Life Ionizers. They have made many allegations about Life over the years (for

Rebuttal to Alkaline Water Plus

Alkaline Water Plus makes a lot of false claims about other companies too

reasons that are unknown to us) but none of those allegations have stuck. Recently, they’ve come out with new allegations that impugn the good reputation of Life’s Korean manufacturing partner. We here at Life Ionizers feel we need to respond to their false and reckless allegations.

Note: Alkaline Water Plus is forbidden to sell Life Ionizers and several other brands. They import a dubious ionizer called the Nexus Smart. According to one of our customers that “bought” one, it has almost no effect on water. The customer bought one of our machines after returning the Nexus. Alkaline Water Plus actually baited and switched that customer. They thought they were buying a brand name unit, but Alkaline Water Plus sent them the Nexus unit.

Claim #1: Lifeionizers (sic) are sub-standard water ionizers made by a small and unknown manufacturer.

Life Ionizers are certified as medical devices by the Korean FDA because we meet the strict requirements imposed by the Korean FDA on medical device manufacturers. You can’t get medical device certification for sub-standard ionizers. Our manufacturer is unknown to Alkaline Water Plus because we own our manufacturer. Alkaline Water Plus doesn’t know how many engineers are on our staff.

Claim #2: The principles employed by Lifeionizers,(sic) of continuing to add more plates and more watts to their alkaline water machines [similar to what Tyent does]  is not a sound or safe principle, electronically.

Besides being a glaring example of poor grammar, this claim is flat out false. A simple explanation is in order: The amount of power the plates have to ionize water is measured in watts per square inch of plate. If you add power, but don’t increase the plate size, you end up with more watts per square inch, which would increase the ionization potential of the machine. Conversely, if you reduce the power and keep the plate sizes the same, you’ll end up with less ionization potential.

Is adding plates and power unsound or unsafe?

Life Ionizers sells commercial water ionizers (Alkaline Water Plus doesn’t). These large powerful machines can have 20 or more plates, and can pack over 2,000 watts of power! Compare that to our largest home model the M-13 with 13 plates and up to 800 watts of power.

So why add plates and power, what’s the point? You get a higher pH and ORP at drinkable pH ranges

Ionizing water efficiently takes plates and power. That’s why Life Ionizers come with large plates and high powered SMPS power supplies. The alkalinity and antioxidant potential of alkaline water are what make it healthy, so Life guarantees you’ll get the highest possible antioxidant levels at pH levels that are perfectly balanced for daily use.

Claim #3: Life Ionizers prevented Alkaline Water Plus from testing our machines.

How did we accomplish that? Alkaline Water Plus is owned by Cathrine Legrossi, she runs it out of her basement. It’s not like we could break into her house, grab our ionizer and run! Alkaline Water Plus also claims they “eventually” tested our ionizers. I put “tested” in quotes because Legrossi turned down the amperage in the machine she tested to make it look bad. We know this because we recreated her results in our own lab, we had to turn the power way down to get results similar to hers.

She also claims we prevented her from coming to visit us. We didn’t. In fact, if Ms. Legrossi wants to come and visit, our business hours are from 6 AM to 6 PM Monday through Saturday, Pacific time. We’re right here in sunny Carlsbad, California.

Claim #4: Customers of Life Ionizers have numerous complaints

That’s news to us! We have an A+ rating with the BBB, a perfect rating with Trustpilot, and are elite members of Reseller  Ratings. Our customers love us, you can see for yourself on our testimonials page.

Lastly, Legrossi says she “just won’t deal with the Life ionizer (sic) company. We’re genuinely grateful to her for that. We don’t allow unscrupulous business people to carry our products anyways.

Life Ionizers is trusted by more health professionals than any other brand. Call us at 877-959-7977 and get the facts

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