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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

Is Reverse Osmosis Water Alkaline?

Reverse osmosis water is pure water, but is it alkaline? No. In fact, upon exposure to air, RO water actually turns acidic! It’s not healthy to drink, but with the addition of a remineralizing cartridge and a water ionizer, you can make medical grade antioxidant alkaline water
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Alkaline Water vs Hydrogen Water

Alkaline water contains minerals recognized by the FDA as essential for health. Hydrogen water contain hydrogen, which isn’t recognized by the FDA for health purposes. The fact is, you can’t absorb hydrogen in your intestines, so any that’s in the water you drink just comes back up as a burp.
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Water Ionizer vs Water Ozonator

Water ionizers make ionized alkaline water. Water ozonators generated ozone, a disinfectant. One of these is good for you, the other isn’t. There are over 40 studies on the health benefits of alkaline water. Ozone is a disinfectant with no known medical uses.
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What is Alkaline Water Made of?

The secret ingredients in alkaline water: Antioxidant mineral compounds that alkaline water make it better for your health than plain water. There is a difference between alkaline water and regular water and very few people understand it. Discover the health-restorative secret behind alkaline water that almost nobody knows about!
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How to Alkalize Water

There are several ways you can alkalize water, but some ways are healthier than others. This article shows you healthy ways alkalize water. Did you know that even a little chlorine makes alkaline water bad for your heart?
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How much Alkaline Water should I Drink

The amount of alkaline water you should drink depends on your weight. Here’s how to calculate your daily needs based on your body weight. You will need to drink more on hot days, and when you work out. This article gives you a complete guide to drinking alkaline water
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Alkaline Water vs. Aqua hydrate bottled water

Alkaline Water vs. AQUAhydrate® Bottled Water Alkaline water is a popular choice among health-conscious consumers because of the healthy benefits it delivers. A new brand of bottled alkaline water, called AQUAhydrate® claims to be like alkaline water from a water ionizer. But a side-by-side comparison of alkaline water from a
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5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Now

Boost your metabolism naturally with these 5 easy-to-do healthy lifestyle choices. A higher metabolism helps you lose weight faster and gives you more energy throughout the day. It can also help you put a stop to that annoying 3 O’clock crash.
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How alkaline water ionization makes water healthy

The process of Alkaline water ionization raises water’s pH to healthy levels, gives it acid-fighting alkalinity and age-fighting antioxidant potential. Alkaline water machines do this by changing the mineral composition in your tap water. Ordinary water has mineral carbonates in it which aren’t very alkaline. A water ionizer changes those mineral carbonates into mineral hydrates, which are alkaline.
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Look What 4 Years of Drinking Alkaline Water did

Christine started drinking alkaline water 4 years ago. Today, she’s 70 pounds lighter and acid reflux free – and even looks great in her DMV photo! In the four years since Christine started drinking alkaline water by Life, the pounds came off, and stayed off, and her acid reflux is a distant memory. And that’s not all alkaline water did for her. Hers is a testament to the healing power of alkaline water.
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