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Why do some people say alkaline water is dangerous?

Alkaline water from water ionizers has been consumed for health for about 50 years.


Why are these so-called doctors lying about alkaline water?

In that time, there have been exactly zero reports of any harmful effect from drinking alkaline water. Drinking alkaline water may be one of the safest things you can do for your health. But if you search online, you’ll likely find videos or websites that claim alkaline water could be dangerous? Why do they make these claims? If you take a closer look, you’ll usually find that websites that criticize alkaline water are trying to sell you something.

Dr. Mercola: America’s favorite snake oil salesman

“Dr” Joseph Mercola is the source of much of the health misinformation you find on the internet. His medical “advice” can actually endanger your health. In fact, Dr. Mercola has been ordered by the FDA in 2005, 2006 and 2011 to stop giving medical advice. In every case where the FDA had to stop him, Mercola was pushing ineffective and possibly dangerous alternative “cures” that put public health at risk.

His advice about water ionizers and alkaline water is just as worthless as his advice about health supplements and treatments, and just as dangerous. Mercola suggests that the pH of alkaline water is too high, he thinks you should never drink water with a pH of over 8. The problem with that claim is that the people of Okinawa drink alkaline water with a pH of 10, and they are the longest-lived people in the world.

A quick check of Mercola’s website reveals the reason he tries to smear alkaline water. Dr. Mercola sells water treatment devices. Some of the systems he sells are very expensive and none of them offer any of the benefits of alkaline water. Dr. Mercola clearly has something to gain from criticizing alkaline water.

Reality check: The FDA has said that Dr. Mercola’s advice may endanger your health

No-longer-Dr. Lawrence Wilson makes up imaginary diseases

The former Dr. Wilson believes that drinking alkaline water makes you too “yin”, a diagnosis that he admits isn’t recognized by medical science. He also has some very strange medical advice for women that is far too lurid in nature to repeat here! He cautions to be careful, because apparently yin disease can be caused by witchcraft!

Naturally, “Dr” Wilson sells a program that can save you from the clutches of his made-up yin disease. Most conveniently he believes it can be caused by drinking alkaline water. Dr. Wilson’s fringe beliefs caused him to lose his medical license. No-longer-Dr. Wilson found a way around that however: He converted his “clinic” into a church, so now instead of practicing medicine, he practices faith healing.

Reality check: No-longer-a-Dr. Wilson failed at being a doctor.

Who should you trust for medical advice?

Your doctor knows more about your body and its physiology than anybody else on Earth. Over time, your doctor has built up a record of your health, that record contains detailed information about your health. Any competent doctor will tell you that they need that information before making any decisions about medical treatment. If any celebrity doctor tries to tell you what you need to do for better health, ignore them. They don’t know anything about your particular physiology, and your health is much too precious to take chances with.

Reality check: Trust your doctor, they know more about your health than any celebrity doctor

Companies that claim alkaline water is dangerous

If you search alkaline water dangers on the internet, you’ll also find plenty of companies that claim alkaline water is dangerous. But if you read the reasons they give, you’ll see that those reasons look awfully familiar, because they got their information from Dr. Mercola and former Dr. Wilson! Of course, those companies have competing products they want to sell you.

Reality check: If a company lies to you to make their competitors products look bad, what else might they be lying about?

What does the FDA say about alkaline water?

The FDA hasn’t taken an official position on alkaline water, but they have taken an official position on the minerals in alkaline water. The alkaline water made by a water ionizer is rich in calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide. Both of these nutrients are listed in the FDA’s Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) database.

Here is what the FDA has to say about calcium and magnesium hydroxide:

contributes to the total biologically available dietary calcium

  • Magnesium hydroxide is a dietary essential

Water ionizers are general wellness devices, the alkaline water they make contains mineral hydroxides that the FDA states are safe.

Takeaway:  The FDA says the ingredients in alkaline water are safe, and that they supply essential minerals that you need to get every day for good health.

Water Ionizers: 50 Years of better health

People have been drinking alkaline water from water ionizers for at least the past 50 years. Their success in achieving better health is well documented in the countless testimonials you’ll find here at Life Ionizers and on our competitor’s websites. The Japanese and Korean equivalents of the FDA certify water ionizers as medical devices. The FDA itself recognizes the mineral hydroxides in alkaline water for their contribution to nutrition. The facts are crystal clear: Alkaline water made by a water ionizer is safe and it’s good for you.

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