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5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Now

5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Now & The Benefits of Alkaline Water

Boosting your metabolism is the best way to burn fat, and it’s amazingly simple to do! Eat the right foods, and drink the right water and you can optimize the rate your body burns fat. Why is drinking the right kind of water so important? Hydration. Alkaline water is key to switching your fat-burning metabolism into high gear because it provides the best-possible hydration. You MUST keep your body hydrated properly at all times if you are going to boost your metabolism because as little as 1% dehydration will slow your metabolism down. Keeping your hydration level up will give you a noticeable increase in energy, which you will notice most at about 3 O’Clock in the afternoon. Why 3 O’Clock? Because that’s when dehydrated bodies normally “crash” after lunch. With alkaline water super hydration, you will avert that 3 O’Clock crash that sabotages your weight loss efforts by shutting down your metabolism at the time you need it most to burn off those lunch calories.

5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Now

Boosting your metablism lets your body do the work for you when you’re trying to lose weight

5 Things that can Boost Your Metabolism

Everyone’s metabolism is different, but everybody’s metabolism will respond to these factors:

  • Hydration
  • Nutrition
  • Thermogenic Foods
  • Exercise
  • Rest

1 Hydration

Your body needs water to burn fuel, and to do practically everything else! If you become dehydrated, your brain will begin reducing water levels in some parts of your body to ensure that it gets enough water for itself (your brain has priority over all other parts of your body when it comes to water.) The first parts of your body to lose water are your skin and muscles, followed by your organs.

Alkaline water has been shown in multiple studies to hydrate better than plain water, and that matters if you’re going to boost your metabolism – you’re going to need that extra hydration. The most critical time for boosting your metabolism is the hours after you finish exercising – called The Afterburn. Drinking alkaline water enables your body to rehydrate faster and more thoroughly after exercise. Your body can continue to burn extra calories for up to 38 hours after a workout – if it’s properly hydrated. If you don’t properly rehydrate after exercise, your body will slow down your metabolism, and the Afterburn effect will be lost.

2 Nutrition

One sure way to wreck your metabolism is to starve yourself – so don’t. Starving yourself releases cortisol – a stress hormone – which will cause your body to gain or retain fat, and slow down your metabolism.

If you’re going to cut calories, set your sites a lot lower, try reducing your intake by just 100 calories per day. It will be much easier for you to stick to a small reduction, and your body won’t fight you by releasing cortisol.

If you’re going to do a lot of physical activity (recommended) then you may actually need to increase your calorie consumption. For example, I burn about 2,000 calories per day riding my bike to work here at Life Ionizers. 2,000 calories are the recommended dietary intake for adults, but if I restricted myself to it, I’d burn all my energy going to and from work, and have nothing left for the rest of the day! As a result, my caloric intake is closer to 4,000 calories per day – twice the recommended dietary intake!

3 Thermogenic Foods

– Help ramp up the metabolism through a process called thermogenesis: A process where the body burns calories to convert the thermogenic food into energy! Foods that are thermogenic include:

  • Proteins – More thermogenic than carbs or fat
  • Peppers – Capsaicin in peppers enhances thermogenesis
  • Ice-cold water – Your body burns calories heating it up
  • Green Tea – Contains 2 substances that enhance thermogenesis
  • Coffee – Caffeine is a natural stimulant, just don’t overdo it!
  • Coconut Oil – Inhibits fat deposition through increased thermogenesis

Protein takes more energy to to break down than carbs and fat do,  so your body naturally burns more energy when you consume protein-rich foods.

Peppers have capsaicin, which boosts your metabolism when it is metabolised. A great way to add capsaicin to your diet it to add a pinch of it to a glass of lemon juice and alkaline water. Drink it first thing in the morning to jumpstart your metabolism and enhance peristalsis – the movement of foods and wastes through your intestines.

Ice-cold water burns energy because your body has to heat it up to body temperature. A great way to make your alkaline water ice-cold is to make ice cubes with it. Then you can drop a few in your glass, and drink your water ice cold, straight from the ionizer, when it’s antioxidant potential is highest.

Green Tea contains caffeine, and it’s a natural antioxidant. Make your green tea with alkaline water, because it increases the antioxidant benefit of tea. Alkaline water makes tea smoother and more aromatic as well.

Coffee as well as boosting your metabolism, is also an antioxidant. Just like tea, making your coffee with alkaline water increases it’s antioxidant benefit. And just like tea, alkaline water makes better tasting coffee.

Coconut Oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids, which have been shown to increase thermogenesis and fat burning. Try switching oils you regularly use with coconut oil to give your meals an added thermogenic boost.

4 Exercise

To get the most out of exercise, you must stay hydrated and keep your electrolyte levels up. Alkaline water excels at both. On it’s own, alkaline water hydrates better and faster than regular water. Combined with a powdered electrolyte like Gatorade, alkaline water becomes an amazing sports drink that enables you to exercise at higher intensity, and for longer periods. This is important for raising your metabolism, because the more intense your workout, the more of an impact it has on your metabolism.

High intensity interval training is best, but don’t let that stop you if your body isn’t in condition for it.

Pump some iron, if you are dieting, because strength training helps you avoid losing muscle mass when you diet. Contrary to popular belief, muscle mass doesn’t burn significantly more calories at rest, but it’s still a good idea to maintain your muscle mass while dieting.

Cardio burns calories while exercising, and even up to 12 hours after exercising! A 45 minute bike ride can raise your metabolic rate for up to 12 hours afterward. (This may be why I have a hard time keeping weight on, since I ride my bike to work here at Life Ionizers!)

5 Get Some Sleep

The last thing that you should do to raise your metabolism is make sure you get enough rest. Not getting enough sleep will slow your metabolism way down. If you have a hard time getting sleep, try to work out more frequently, and with higher intensity. That will help tire your body out so you can sleep.

Don’t forget the alkaline water! A glass of water an hour before bed can prevent a heart attack or stroke. Proper hydration is just as important when you sleep as anytime else.

A water ionizer is your best choice for healthy hydration

The best way to make alkaline water is with a water ionizer because ionized alkaline mineral  water has the highest antioxidant potential. You need the antioxidant benefit of ionized alkaline mineral water because it helps neutralize harmful Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) – metabolic byproducts that can damage DNA and tissues. And you’ll be generating higher levels of ROS when you raise your metabolism, because ROS is a byproduct of metabolism.

Learn more about how alkaline water can help boost your metabolism, and help you lose the weight. Call us at 877-959-7977




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