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Look What 4 Years of Drinking Alkaline Water did

Look What 4 Years of Drinking Alkaline Water did by Life Water Ionizers

Four years ago, I (Leo McDevitt, the author of this article)  started working for Life Ionizers. I knew very little about water ionizers at the time but was anxious to try the water for myself. Thanks to a generous gift from Life Ionizers, I got a nine-plate Life Ionizer for my home. Little did I know at the time, what a huge effect the alkaline water from my new Life Ionizer would have on my wife, Christine.


Look what 4 years of alkaline water did for Christine! Imagine looking GOOD in YOUR DMV photo

The picture in this article shows her DMV photo from 4 years ago – before I started at Life Ionizers, and her DMV photo that was just taken for her license renewal a couple of weeks ago. As you can see, it has made a dramatic difference in her appearance, but there’s more.

Christine’s Story 4 Years of Alkaline Water

Christine was as anxious to try alkaline water as I was. But she was in for quite a surprise. Some new alkaline water drinkers experience side effects when they start drinking alkaline water, and Christine was no exception. She experienced thirst, alkaline water cravings, and even mild flu-like symptoms that lasted a week. When the side effects wore off, Christine had lost 11 pounds.

Before she started drinking alkaline water, Christine took Prilosec every day to control her acid reflux. It was only a couple of weeks after she started drinking alkaline water that she noticed she wasn’t having acid reflux. She stopped taking Prilosec and hasn’t taken it since.

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Weight continued to come off as the weeks and months progressed, Christine has lost over 70 pounds since she started drinking alkaline water! Those lost pounds had a huge effect: Christine has osteoarthritis in her knees, every pound she lost took hundreds of pounds of pressure off her knees. In fact, it was about a month after she started drinking alkaline water that Christine noticed that she didn’t have daily pain in her knees anymore. The painful inflammation that she lived with day in and day out ever since I met her in 1999 – It Was Gone.

Gatorade + alkaline water = Rocket Fuel

Energy like we never felt As Christine lost weight, and the inflammation in her knees subsided, she was able to start walking more. Thanks to high gas prices, I decided to trade my drive to work for a bicycle. I continue to ride my bike to work to this day, a 20-mile round trip. Then we discovered what happens when you mix Gatorade and alkaline water.

I discovered a study on alkaline water and Gatorade. The study claimed that mixing alkaline water and Gatorade would produce a sports drink that would improve stamina. I decided to try it for myself. The result is the sports drink that makes it feel like your muscles could go forever!

The first time she tried it, Christine went for a 4 hour walk, followed by yoga – she just wanted to keep going! I tried it for my bicycle ride to work, and felt similar. I could just go so much faster! In fact, I was now too fast for the bicycle I was riding, the extra power literally destroyed that bike. I had to replace it,  so I got a Super Cafe – a very exotic style of a bicycle built for comfort and speed. How fast does it go?  I’ve had my bicycle up to 45 miles per hour! The stamina you get from alkaline water and Gatorade is astounding!

4 Years Later

After 4 years of drinking alkaline water, Christine and I are convinced. The weight she’s lost has stayed off, and she has more mobility and flexibility than ever. Christine is still acid-reflux free, she hasn’t had to take any medication for it at all. Christine credits alkaline water for improving her complexion too. Both of us have better hair, and that’s thanks to the acid water that our Life Ionizer makes. Acidic water is a miracle rinse for hair.

Can Alkaline Water help you like it did Christine?

Everyone’s body is different, but there’s a way to “test drive” a water ionizer to see if alkaline water is right for you. Life Ionizers offers a 75-day return policy, you can return a machine up to 75 days after you purchase it and try alkaline water for yourself. You might be the next person to actually look good in their DMV photo!


Want to try alkaline water? Call us today at 877-959-7977 and put alkaline water to the test

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