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Study on Alkaline Water Weight Loss: 12 Lbs in 2 Months

Study on Alkaline Water Weight Loss: 12 Lbs in 2 Months by Life Water Ionizers

How much weight could you lose drinking alkaline water? A 2011 study suggests that you could lose about 12 pounds in two months – just by drinking alkaline water!  The study,  The effect of daily consumption of 2 liters of electrolyzed water for 2 months on body composition and several physiological parameters in four obese subjects: a preliminary report. is the first clinical evidence documenting the benefits of alkaline water for weight loss, detoxification, and blood pressure and more.

How the study was done

Alkaline Water & Weight Loss StudyThis study followed 4 middle-aged, obese individuals  for a two-month period. The test subjects continued eating their regular diet during the study.  Each of person received  a complete clinical exam at the beginning of the study before they started drinking alkaline water. They were then re-tested  1 month later, and again at 2 months later.

Clinical evaluations were performed to check

    • Body weight

    • Hydration levels

    • Levels  of nutrients and heavy metals in their blood and urine

    • Antioxidant status

    • Bone Loss markers

  • Some hormone levels

 The average age of the study participants was 52.5 years. The participant’s weights ranged from 233 lbs to 274 lbs. at the beginning of the study. Their Body Mass Index (BMI) ranged from 33 to 50, which means that all of these study participants met the clinical definition of obesity (BMI > 30).

Weight Loss from Alkaline Water

When the study began, the average weight of the  participants was 255 Lbs. In one month, the participants’ average weight dropped by 6 pounds to 249 lbs.

After two months,the average weight of study participants was 243 lbs. This means that the study participants lost an average of 12 lbs over the course of the  two months that the study was run. Study participants made no changes to their diet other than consuming alkaline water, nor did they engage in any additional physical exercise.


The people participating in the study drank alkaline water with a pH of 10.2 – 10.6 there were no side effects were reported. The study was conducted in Hendersonville NC, using local tap water that was ionized and alkalized by a water ionizer.  Hendersonville has fairly soft water, with Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of 30 parts per million. This is very low mineral content for tap water!

By way of comparison, Mineral water has a TDS of about 250 parts per million or higher. Because of this, the beneficial effects observed in the study can only be attributed to the alkalinity provided to the water by the water ionizer. 

Alkaline Water Detoxification from Heavy Metals

One of the surprising things found during the study was that all four study subjects discharged high amounts of heavy metals in their urine. Researchers observed that the levels of heavy metals the test subjects discharged in their urine increased in the first few days after they started drinking alkaline water. The heavy metals were being drawn out of the study participant’s tissues, because those heavy metals are not found in Henderson tap water. The only metal found in Hendersonville NC tap water is copper (0.09 mg/L 2013 US EPA annual report). Researchers conducting the study concluded that alkaline water was effectively drawing heavy metals out of the test subjects’ tissues. Previous articles on this blog have reviewed other studies that show alkaline water may protect against the toxic effects of mercury.

Can alkaline water help you lose weight?

Do your own 60 day alkaline water weight loss study! If you are thinking of taking the plunge to see if alkaline water can help you lose weight, Life Ionizers offers a 60 day return policy. This means you can give it the same amount of time that was used for this study, and see what the actual effect on your health and weight will be. If not satisfied, you can return the ionizer.

Want to give alkaline water a try? It’s easier than you think, call us today at 877-959-7977 we have special offers and discount programs for people with health challenges!



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  • Yes I have type 2 diabetes and HBP I woluld like to be informed how much to use daily.
    Also heard from the town we have a lot of arsenic in out town water, we clean the machine twice a year!

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