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Ionized water health facts vs. fiction

Alkaline ionized water made by a water ionizer is water unlike any other you’ve ever drank. It’s sweeter and more refreshing than bottled or plain filtered water. Studies show there are potential health benefits that come from drinking alkaline water. But if you search online, you will find an incredible number of health claims for alkaline water, some of which seem too good to be true. There are a few simple things you should know that will help you separate fact from fiction about ionizer water for health.

Alkaline water health research

ionizer water facts vs fiction for health infographic

Fact: Alkaline water is good for you, but ignore kangen disease cure claims, they can’t be proven

Fact: Studies have shown that alkaline water may be linked to health improvements that come from improving the body’s pH balance, hydration status, and the correction of mineral deficiencies. Health claims that are based in improving your health based on pH balance, hydration and mineral nutrition, are more likely to be legitimate.

Fiction: Watch out for any claims that alkaline water cures diseases. All disease cure claims must be approved by the FDA to be legitimate. You are most likely to see disease cure claims for kangen water, keep in mind that none of those claims are legitimate.

Bottom line: Health improvement claims based on research are fact. Disease cure claims are sales fiction.

Ionizer Water Science

Fact: Water ionizers obey the laws of physics and chemistry. Legitimate claims about ionized water will focus on its mineral content, pH balance, alkalinity and Oxidation Reduction Potential. A basic understanding of alkaline water chemistry is essential when reading about the science behind alkaline water.

Fiction: Claims that alkaline water is “restructured” “microclustered” or “hexagonal” in nature are nonsense. The reason these claims are fake is that water molecules don’t cluster together in liquid form. The behavior of water molecules (and every other substance) in liquid form is described by a scientific principle called The Three States of Matter. Water molecules only cluster together when water freezes. In liquid form, water molecules move around, bump into, and slide past each other.

Water Ionizer Reviews

Fact: Water ionizer reviews should examine the factors that make one water ionizer better than another. Generally, you should not expect to see health claims in water ionizer comparisons. What you should look for in an ionizer review is which machine makes the best water for health.

Fiction: Beware of claims that you could get harmed by melting water ionizer plates. It takes over 1000 degrees of heat to melt titanium, and water ionizers don’t have the kind of power it takes to generate that kind of heat. Keep in mind that no legitimate water ionizer review would claim that any brand of water ionizer is better at curing disease than another. Claims like that haven’t been evaluated by the FDA.

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