Do Water Ionizers Really Work?

Do Water Ionizers Really Work? The facts.

Do Water Ionizers Really Work?

Water ionizers really do work, you can feel and taste the difference

Water ionizers do work, and there is a lot of scientific evidence to prove it. A water ionizer is a machine that uses electricity to change the structure and content of the minerals in water.

Water ionizers sold for home use make ionized alkaline water with 4 healthy qualities:

Contains essential minerals – like calcium and magnesium
Antioxidant – Ionized alkaline water has antioxidant benefits that fight damage caused by harmful radicals
pH Balanced – Alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular water.

The essential minerals come from the minerals found in tap water. They are mostly calcium and magnesium. The machine’s ionization process makes those minerals easier to absorb than they are from tap water. The machine also increases the concentration of them in the water so you get more in every glass of water you drink.

How Home Water Ionizers Work

A water ionizer filters water to remove toxins and chemical processing byproducts like chlorine. The filtered water is then given its healthy properties by ionizing it. Ionizers restructure the minerals in the water using a two step process:
Break down mineral salts (hard water) into mineral ions
Separate the mineral ions into alkaline and acidic streams
After the mineral ions have been separated by the water ionizer, they combine chemically with the water in a process called Hydrolysis. This happens when minerals combine with the hydrogen in water molecules to form mineral hydrates. Alkaline mineral compounds like calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and potassium bicarbonate break  into two parts:
Mineral ions – Combine with water make mineral hydroxide
Hydrogen ions (H) – Combine with each other and make hydrogen gas (H2)
Research shows that there may be health benefits provided by both the  minerals in alkaline water, and the hydrogen gas that is dissolved in it. The ionization process is what sets ionized alkaline water apart from ordinary mineral waters.

Ionized alkaline water better for you than bottled mineral water

A study on bottled mineral waters that are sold for health purposes reveals that they have dirty secret – high amounts of sodium, in the form of salt.
Tap water in North America – the source of water for home water ionizers – has been shown to contain very little sodium. Doctors say that we get too much salt from our diets, and need to cut down. Water from a home water ionizer is the perfect solution. Ionized alkaline water from a home ionizer will contain concentrated calcium, potassium, and magnesium, but very little sodium.
Health Tip: Stay away from bottled mineral water if you are on a low sodium diet!

Home Water Ionizers make better water

A water ionizer combines water filtration with ionization technology to make a glass of water that is clean, pH balanced, and is better tasting too!

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Has the FDA evaluated water ionizers for health?

No, but water ionizers have been evaluated for health in Japan and Korea.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  The preceding information and/or products are for educational purposes only and are not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. Please consult your doctor before making any changes or before starting ANY exercise or nutritional supplement program or before using this information or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition.

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