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How an Alkaline Water Machine saves you Money

Most people know that alkaline water from an alkaline water machine can help save your health from the harmful effects of an acidic diet. But did you know a water ionizer also saves you money? If you’re reaching for bottled water when you’re thirsty, or when you cook, you’re probably  paying more than the price of a gallon of gas for water!

Alkaline Water Machines compared to vending machine water

alkaline water machine savings infographic

You save money and time… and get better water!

Even if you try to save money on bottled water by getting it from a vending machine (usually 25 cents per gallon) you should also figure in the cost of your time, and your gas to get to & from the machine. If you “pay yourself” minimum wage ($7.50 Hr) to fetch your water and get about 5 gallons:

  • ½ hour of labor = $3.75
  • 5 gallons water = $1.25

That means you paid $4.00 for 5 gallons of water. If you drink and cook with a gallon per day, you have to repeat this process 6 times to have a month’s supply of water from the vending machine. That ends up being $24.00 and 3 hours of your time! You can finance an alkaline water machine for around $50 a month, and pay it off within two years.

Bottom Line: If you’re like me, your time is worth a heck of a lot more than minimum wage, and you have better things to do than lug a bunch of water bottles back and forth to the market.

Alkaline Water machines vs. bottled water

Bottled water is even more expensive than vending machine water. You will easily spend the $50 a month that you would spend financing an ionizer. With bottled water, you get to deal with all those empty plastic bottles and the BPA resin in them that’s wrecking your health.

  • $1.35 = Cost of a bottle of Evian (which is alkaline)
  • $8.50 = Cost of a case of spring water at Costco

If you drink and cook with a gallon per day, you will go through a case of water every 4 days. This means you need about 8 cases of water to make it through a month

  • 8 cases = $68.00 plus applicable taxes and deposits

Bottom line: A water ionizer is an immediate monthly savings over the cost of bottled water, and you don’t end up with a pile of empty plastic bottles.

The True Savings from an Alkaline Water Machine

You save time and money with an alkaline water machine. No more having to run to the store when you run out of water. No more empty plastic bottles to recycle. The cost estimates above were for one gallon of water per day – that’s enough for one person. If there is more than one person in your household, multiply the above numbers by the number of people in your home. With just two people, the cost of that “cheap” vending machine water is now $48.00 a month. For a family of four, bottled water could cost a staggering $272.00!

The true cost of water from a water ionizer is just pennies per gallon, and you never run out! For a family of four, your cost per month for refreshing, healthy alkaline water will be about $10 – which covers your replacement filter costs.

Alkaline water machine savings per month (after you own your machine):

  • Save $14.00 and 3 hours vs. the cost of the vending machine water
  • Saves $58.00 over the cost of bottled water for one person
  • The more people in your household, the more you save

You get better water from an alkaline water machine. It’s sweeter and more refreshing than vending machine water or bottled water. You also get an unlimited supply of water, enough to share with friends.

Bottom line: If you want better health, and like to save money, an alkaline water machine is a smart investment. Think about it: You will be drinking water for the rest of your life; you will save thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

It’s easy to get your own alkaline water machine. Just call us today at 877-959-7977 and our healthy water experts will take care of the rest!

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