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How alkaline water ionization makes water healthy

How alkaline water ionization makes water healthy by Life Water Ionizers

Alkaline water ionization does three things that make ionized alkaline water healthier than ordinary water:

  • It raises the pH of water
  • Increases the water’s alkalinity – the ability to neutralize acidity.
  • Gives alkaline water antioxidant potential – the ability to neutralize harmful oxidants.

The ionization process used by a water ionizer changes the composition of the mineral compounds in water. Plain water from the tap is rich in mineral carbonates. The ionization process changes those mineral carbonates into mineral hydrates. Those mineral hydrates are the reason ionized alkaline water is better for you than plain water.

How alkaline water ionization makes water healthy

Ionization makes water healthier by increasing its alkalinity, and antioxidant potential

How water gets ionized and becomes healthy

Atoms and molecules become ions when they gain either a positive charge or a negative electromagnetic charge. Atoms and molecules don’t “like” to carry a charge, and they will react with other atoms and molecules to neutralize any charge they have. The mineral carbonates in tap water are made of alkaline mineral ions that have neutralized their charge by combining with carbonate ions  – which is CO2 dissolved in water. The mineral ions have a positive charge, and the carbonate ions have a negative charge. These opposite charges keep the minerals and the carbonates tightly bonded together – until you add water. When mineral carbonates are mixed into water, they dissolve. When they dissolve, they ionize in the water.

Ions in Tap Water

The reason mineral carbonates ionize water when they dissolve is that water molecules loosen the bonds between the minerals and the carbonate. When that happens, water molecules are actually able to get in between the minerals and the carbonates. That separation causes the minerals and the carbonates to regain the electromagnetic charges they had when they were tightly bonded together. Because of this, the water they are in becomes full of ions – which makes it ionized water.

The difference between tap water and ionized alkaline water

Tap water has mineral ions and carbonate ions in it, ionized alkaline water has mineral ions and hydroxyl ions in it. The difference in health benefits between plain water and ionized alkaline water is 100% due to that hydroxyl ion. The hydroxyl ion is an antioxidant, the carbonate ion isn’t. It is because of the antioxidant hydroxyl ion that ionized alkaline water has health benefits that plain water doesn’t. In fact, the hydroxyl ion is the active ingredient in all antioxidants.

FACT: Ionized alkaline water is ionized by both the alkaline mineral ions, and the hydroxyl ions in it

Ionized Alkaline Water in Nature is called Natural Reduced Water

In nature, ionized alkaline water is known as Natural Reduced Water (NRW). There are just 8 places left in the world where you can drink ionized alkaline water straight from the Earth:

  • Tlacote Mexico

  • Nordenau Germany

  • Nadana Village India

  • Yankalilla Australia

  • Himalayan Mountain Springs in China.

  • Hita Tenryosui in Japan

  • Zam Zam in Saudi Arabia

The reason ionized alkaline water is in nature is called natural reduced water is because it has exactly the same healthy qualities and ionized alkaline water. The name used by chemists for ionized alkaline water made by a water ionizer is Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW), chemists consider it to be the same kind of water as NRW. What makes both of these waters the same as the ‘Reduced’ part. What ERW and NRW have in common is that they both reduce the potential for harmful oxidation to occur in the body.

How Reduction Works

Non-reduced water can cause oxidation: A process where oxygen atoms chemically combine with a substance and destroy it. The most common example of this is when iron rusts. If you reduce the ability of water to cause oxidation to zero, or make it negative, the water’s ability to cause oxidation is said to be reduced. Water that has negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) has the ability to act as an antioxidant.

Nails don’t rust in reduced water

If you put a nail in a glass of reduced water, it won’t rust – at least until the water’s reduction ability is lost. This fact is true for both ERW from a water ionizer and NRW from a spring. Nails won’t rust in either type of water until the negative ORP is neutralized. Typically, the negative ORP of ERW or NRW dissipates within about 24 hours after you expose either type of water to air. Air destroys the reduction potential of ERW or NRW because acidic CO2 in the air attacks the water and neutralizes its reduction potential.

Negative Oxidation Reduction Potential helps you stop rusting too

The reduction potential of ionized alkaline water from a water ionizer can help prevent you from rusting too. In your body, oxidation damages cells, tissues, and DNA, just like rust eventually destroys a piece of iron. Thankfully, drinking reduced water has the potential to slow down that rusting process which is eating away at your cells, tissues, and DNA.

For health purposes, you want ionized alkaline water with the highest negative ORP you can get. The higher the negative ORP, the more potential it has to stop oxidation from destroying your health. Currently, the most potent reduced water you can get is made by the Life Ionizers M-13, it can make ionized alkaline water with a negative ORP of over -900 mV! If longevity is your goal, that’s the water you need to drink.

Your next glass of antioxidant water could be as close as your kitchen sink. Call us at 877-959-7977 for special offers that make it easy to take your health back from harmful oxidation




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