What does Alkaline Water Taste like?

What does Alkaline Water Taste like?

Alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes like natural artesian spring water: It’s deeply refreshing and smooth, with a slightly sweeter and more satisfying taste than plain water. The reason alkaline water tastes like artesian spring water is that these two waters have everything in common: They both get their healthy alkalinity from alkaline hydrate minerals, and they’re both rich in age-fighting antioxidant potential.

Alkaline water tastes like natural artesian spring water

There are only seven known antioxidant artesian springs known to exist on Earth. Each of them is known for its incredible health restorative potential. Until water ionizers were invented, the only way to get these amazing healing waters was to travel to one of the seven springs on Earth where they are found. With a water ionizer, that legendary, sweet tasting spring water is as close as your kitchen sink.

Why don’t they just bottle and sell artesian spring water?

They do, but by the time you buy it, it’s stale. The most powerful health restorative property of artesian spring water is its antioxidant potential. But that antioxidant potential doesn’t keep in bottles. So by the time you buy it in the store, artesian spring water will have lost much of the health restorative quality that you bought it for! It’s like canned food vs. fresh food. Fresh food is better for you because food’s antioxidant potential doesn’t keep either!

This is why the alkaline water fresh from a water ionizer tastes like artesian spring water fresh from the spring. Both waters are in water’s raw, primal form; unsullied by the toxins of the modern age. It’s why the best way to get the antioxidant benefit of drinking alkaline water is to make it yourself with your own water ionizer, then drink it fresh.

Proof that alkaline water tastes better than regular water

Alkaline water from a water ionizer has been blind taste-tested and proven to taste better than the water it was made from. Researchers gave study volunteers two glasses of water to taste: Both came from the same source, but one was ionized with a water ionizer, and the other wasn’t.

The people in the taste test didn’t know which water was which, all they knew was they had one water marked “A” and one water marked “B”. All of the people in the taste test chose the alkaline water from the water ionizer as the best tasting water.

My cat knows the difference too: I can put two bowls of water in front of him. He will pick the alkaline water every time. In fact, if I put the wrong kind of water in his bowl, I will hear about it!

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