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How much Alkaline Water should I Drink

For best results, you should replace your consumption of regular water with alkaline water entirely. The amount you need to drink every day varies: According to the Mayo Clinic, men need to drink 102 ounces of water per day, and women need to drink 74 ounces of water per day on average. Keep in mind, those amounts are a general rule of thumb, not an exact recommendation! There are factors, such as body weight, exercise and heat, that will increase the amount of water you need to drink.

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how much alkaline water should I drink infographic

How much alkaline water should you drink? It depends on your body weight

How to figure out how much alkaline water to drink

A more accurate way to figure out how much water you should be drinking is to use your body weight, and do the following calculation:

  1. Divide your weight in pounds by two
  2. The result you get is the amount of water in ounces that you need to drink daily

For example: I weigh 150 pounds. Divide that in half and you end up with 75. That means I should drink 75 ounces of water per day normally. Add 16 ounces of water for every hour that you work out to replace the water you lose. On nights that I train in mixed martial arts, I drink 16 additional ounces of water.

Less than the average guy:

Notice how the amount of water I need to drink every day – 91 ounces –  with exercise – is still less than the recommended 102 ounces for males. Why don’t I need as much water as the average guy? Because I weigh about 30 pounds less than the average male. The recommendations from the Mayo Clinic are based on people of average weight. So if you weigh more than average, you’ll need to drink more water, if you weigh less than average, you’ll need less.

How to use alkaline water for better workouts

life-ionizer-reviews-edger-jonesStudies have shown that drinking alkaline water for workouts can give you an important competitive edge: It hydrates better than plain water, and helps reduce the muscular acidity that happens while working out. Both of these are advantages help you get a better workout.

Plan to drink 16 ounces of water for every hour you work out. I strongly recommend mixing the first 16 ounces with a powdered electrolyte – you will feel the difference! A study that mixed Gatorade and alkaline water showed that the mix reduced perceived effort: The amount of effort you think it takes to achieve a physical goal.

Other ways you should use alkaline water

Coffee/Tea: The amount of coffee and tea you drink counts towards your total daily water intake because both coffee and tea provide hydration. You should make your coffee and tea with alkaline water too. Both coffee and tea are antioxidant beverages, making them with alkaline water increases their antioxidant potential. It also makes both beverages taste better.

Produce: To protect your health, make sure you soak your fruits/vegetables in alkaline water to detoxify them. Herbicides and pesticides – including Monsanto’s Roundup – are acidic, soaking your produce in alkaline water neutralizes them – plain water doesn’t. You can actually see it working! When you soak your produce in alkaline water, in just a few minutes the water will become muddy colored. Plain water doesn’t do that because it’s no where near as good at detoxifying produce of acidic residues.

Cooking: Alkaline water makes some prepared foods taste better, and it supplies healthy alkalinity to all foods prepared with it.

A gallon per day between drinking, cooking, and working out

If you’ve been doing the math, you’ll see that to follow the recommendations in this article, you will use about a gallon of water per day. If you try to do this with bottled water, it will get expensive very quickly! A gallon of bottled alkaline water per day will cost you about $5 – $8.

An ionizer is a much more economical way to get a gallon or more per day. Furthermore, it costs about 3 cents per gallon (cost of replacement filters) to make alkaline water with an ionizer. In fact, you can easily finance an ionizer for a lot less than you’d pay for just one gallon of bottled alkaline water per day! In addition, an ionizer also enables you to change the pH of your water as needed:

  • Daily drinking: Health experts recommend a pH of  8.5 – 9.5
  • Sports: Use high 10+ pH alkaline water for maximum acid fighting alkalinity
  • Cooking: Use high 10+ pH alkaline water to ensure a healthy pH balance in your foods
  • Detox produce: Use high 10+ pH alkaline water. The higher the pH, the better it is at neutralizing toxic residues

Water ionizers are the only method of making alkaline water that let you choose the pH of the water you want. Once you have an ionizer, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one!

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