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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

Which Alkaline Water Machine is best for Health

An alkaline water machine converts ordinary tap water into  ionized alkaline water. However, not all machines are not created equal! Some systems  are better than others. The best machines have multiple filters to ensure water quality, and combine high power and quality plates to produce the strongest pH and -ORP
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alkaline water bottle | Ionized water storage tips

There’s nothing more refreshingy than a glass of healthy alkaline water. Gotten fresh from a home water ionizer, alkaline water has high negative ORP and a higher pH than plain water. Drinking alkaline water straight from the water ionizer is always best because the beneficial qualities of the water are
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Water Ionizers for Travel

Want a water ionizer that you can take with you? Here are three water ionizers for travel, all are under $1,000. Have healthy alkaline water wherever you go! Saves you money on bottled water when you travel
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Chlorine Filtration Technology: Vitamin C Ceramic Block®

Life Ionizers Exclusive anti-chlorine technology: Life’s patented Vitamin C Ceramic Block® filtration technology neutralizes harmful chlorine & most chloramines. These are disinfectants that are commonly found in drinking water. The advantage of Life’s Vitamin C Ceramic Block filter is two-fold. It removes chlorine PLUS you get the benefits of one
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