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Water Ionizers for Travel

Three Water Ionizers for Travel that you can take with you


A new generation of low cost, portable water ionizers answer a question that is asked by many water ionizer owners when they travel: How do I take my alkaline water with me? Travel water ionizers provide some of the benefits of alkaline water, but just like “travel size” toothpaste and shampoo, they are smaller versions of home based water ionizers.

Water Ionizers for Travel

Yes, you really can take it with you when you own the best portable water ionizer

Portable Water Ionizer Offers “Coffee Maker” Convenience


The world’s most convenient water ionizer

The Dr. Life Vortex Optimizer™ is an alkalizing water pitcher that uses the same forces used by nature to create alkaline ionized mineral water: Magnetism, vortices, turbulence and far-infrared energy. Water made by the Dr. Life is highly oxygenated as well; the vortex power and turbulence combine to increase the oxygen content of water by up to 30%! All you need to make healthy, alkaline ionized mineral water with the Dr. Life is clean water and a place to plug it in.

Use Clean Water


Alkalizing pitchers are not designed to filter water, only to alkalize it. Thankfully, with the Dr. Life Vortex Optimizer™, you can use distilled (or other pure water sources) to make alkaline ionized mineral water. The Dr. Life uses a mineralizing cube provide all of the minerals necessary for ionization to occur.

Alkaline Water… Unplugged!


Alkaline water unplugged - take me anywhere!

The Pitcher of Life™ is the world’s most portable water ionizer. Unlike other water ionizers, the Pitcher of Life™ does not need to be plugged into power in order to work.  The pitcher uses a unique water-mineralizing filter cube that adds calcium, magnesium, and potassium to water while at the same time raising pH and ORP levels to healthful levels.

Do alkalizing pitchers work as well as a home water ionizer?


Home water ionizers make stronger alkaline water than pitchers do, and they also have filtration which cleans the water prior to ionization. Alkalizing pitchers are meant to be a portable, travel version of a home alkalizer, they are not meant to replace home water ionizers.

Do alkalizing pitchers provide some of the benefits of alkaline water?


Yes, alkalizing pitchers can supply some of the benefits of water made by home water ionizers. For those on a tight budget, who choose to use an alkalizing pitcher at home, remember that alkalizing pitchers don’t provide the filtration that home water ionizers do, so you must make sure you use clean source water. With clean source water, an alkalizing pitcher can provide healthy water for home use.

How can I get more information?


Call us today at: 877-959-7977 or click here to take a closer look at the alkalizing pitchers and Life Fuzion™ water ionizer discussed in this article.

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