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Chlorine Filtration Technology: Vitamin C Ceramic Block®

danger chlorine

Chlorine is NOT safe to drink

Life Ionizers Exclusive anti-chlorine technology: Life’s patented Vitamin C Ceramic Block® filtration technology neutralizes harmful chlorine & most chloramines. These are disinfectants that are commonly found in drinking water. The advantage of Life’s Vitamin C Ceramic Block filter is two-fold. It removes chlorine PLUS you get the benefits of one of Earth’s most powerful antioxidants – Vitamin C!

Studies have shown that even in small amounts chlorine can have a devastating effect on health. Life Ionizers™ is very concerned about the effect of chlorine on human health. We developed our vitamin C Ceramic Block filtration technology in response to that concern.  Vitamin C Ceramic Block® filtration offers the best form of protection from any type of chlorine.

Free chlorine, aka chlorine, is often used to disinfect public water supplies. It has the ability to seek out and destroy harmful disease causing organisms. But chlorine also has a negative side. Its ability to neutralize organisms creates problems when it tries to neutralize us. Worse yet, is the fact that chlorine is a toxic gas which can fill your shower. An earlier post on this blog tells how the effects of chlorine can turn your shower into a gas chamber!

Health Effects of Chlorine

To appreciate the benefits of using Vitamin C to dechlorinate your drinking water, you must first understand the potential dangers related to chloramine and chlorine exposure. The  presence of these toxic chemicals in our public water supplies is a threat to our well being and overall health.

Chlorine does not distinguish between bad organisms and good ones. Long term exposure to chlorine and its byproducts have been linked to cancer, senility and heart trouble. Short term effects of chlorine exposure can include

  • skin rashes
  • nose bleeds
  • headaches
  • mental fatigue
  • eye, nose and throat irritation
  • nausea
  • dizziness

How our Vitamin C Ceramic Block Works to Stop Chlorine

The anti-oxidant molecule of Vitamin C converts the free radical molecules of chlorine into harmless chlorides by the process of a simple electron transfer. This stops the free radicals found in chlorinated water from causing a chain reaction that can cause damage and premature aging in the body.

Get the Most out of Vitamin C with a water ionizer

Every Life Ionizer™ come with a free custom-configured pre-filter. It works with Life’s exclusive Vitamin C Ceramic Block® internal filters to take harmful toxins out of tap water.  The water is then ionized which infuses the water with antioxidant potential. It’s like having your very own fountain of youth, right at your kitchen sink.



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