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Which Alkaline Water Machine is best for Health

Benefits of alkaline water ORP infographic

With a water ionizer, you get antioxidants in every glass of alkaline water you drink!

An alkaline water machine converts ordinary tap water into  ionized alkaline water. However, not all machines are not created equal! Some systems  are better than others. The best machines have multiple filters to ensure water quality, and combine high power and quality plates to produce the strongest pH and -ORP readings possible.


Why Multiple Filtration Matters

Chlorine and alkaline water don’t mix. According to a study commissioned by the Oak Ridge National laboratories, water with an alkaline pH that has even small amounts of chlorine in it is associated with higher risk of high blood pressure and heart trouble. The best water ionizers have laboratory-grade Vitamin C Ceramic Block filtration which is used in laboratories and hospitals in situations where chlorine elimination is critical.

The best water ionizers also come with pre-filters, which are external filters that are used to address problems like hard water. If you buy a water ionizer that comes without a pre-filter, hard water will clog it up, and that will void your warranty!

Why Water Ionizers need Power and High Quality Plates

Alkaline water machines use electrical power to transform tap water into  alkaline water. To get alkaline water with the best possible pH and -ORP, you need an alkaline water machine with a lot of power. Look for machines with over 300 watts of power for the best –ORP readings.

For optimum –ORP performance the type of plates used in an alkaline water machine are also important. Comparisons by nearly every leading alkaline water machine manufacturer show that machines with GRID plates give 10 – 15% better –ORP performance. GRID plates out-perform flat plates because they are able to conduct electricity into the water more efficiently.

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Do Water Ionizers Microcluster or Restructure Water?

There is no such thing as “microclustered” water.  The same goes for “restructured” water, there is no such thing. Water molecules don’t cluster together unless the temperature of the water is 32 F or below. When that happens, water turns into ice.

You should consider any company that claims that their water ionizers “microcluster” or “restructure” water to be a fraud.

Which water ionizer is best? Call our healthy water experts today at 877-959-7977 and we will find the ionizer that’s right for your water!


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