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Water Ionizer Comparison: Life 9100 vs. Pitcher of Life

Water Ionizer Comparison: Life 9100 vs. Pitcher of Life : Alkaline Water vs. Alkaline Ionized Water


Water Ionizer Comparison: Life 9100 vs. Pitcher of Life

Both Water Ionizers make healthy water, but do you know the difference between them?

Water with a pH higher than 7 is Alkaline water. Bottled alkaline water sold in grocery and health food stores typically has a pH range of 8.5 to 9. The problem with store-bought alkaline water is that it has no healthy antioxidant properties. To provide antioxidant benefits, alkaline ionized water has to be made fresh, because the ionization wears off in as little as 24 hours.

Home water ionizers like the Life 9100 make the most powerful antioxidant alkaline ionized water you can get. Water that made by a water ionizer like the Life 9100 will have a high negative Oxidation Reduction potential (-ORP) which is what gives ionized alkaline water its antioxidant properties. You can also buy alkaline filter systems like the Pitcher of Life that contain media which will alkalize your tap water, and provide a small amount of antioxidant benefit.

What this means is that both the Life 9100 and the Pitcher of Life make alkaline water, but the water made by the Life 9100 has far stronger antioxidant properties. The Life 9100 also makes three kinds of water, where the Pitcher of Life makes alkaline water only.

The Life Ionizer 9100

The Life 9100 can produce very powerful ionized alkaline water with a pH level of over 11, and a –ORP of over -800! Alkaline water this powerful is used in therapeutic settings because it delivers a powerful detox!

For daily use, health experts recommend drinking alkaline water with pH of 8 – 9.5. The Life 9100 gives you four alkaline water settings so you can control the potency of your alkaline water.

Pitcher of Life


The non-electric Pitcher of Life has a special alkalizing filter which contains minerals that are released into water to elevate pH.  The filter also reduces levels of some contaminants and helps condition the water to make it taste good.

The Pitcher of Life makes alkaline water with a pH between 9 – 9.5, depending on your source water.  The pH level is produced by the minerals in the filter cartridge. There is no option for making purified or acidic water.  There is no option for producing water at lower alkaline levels for small children or pets.

Benefits of the Life 9100

Versatility – One benefit of owning a Life 9100 water ionizer is having access to clean, filtered water at several different pH levels. For example, alkaline water with a 9.5 pH is perfect for daily drinking and great for making soups, marinades and some other common recipes.

Many Uses – The 9100 makes other kinds of water besides ionized alkaline water. Purified water is used for preparing infant formula, boiling pasta, or making rice or beans.  Ionized acidic water, which is also produced by the 9100 is a miracle hair rinse, and can be used to sanitize food, making it safer.

Antioxidant Properties


The antioxidant properties of ionized alkaline water are the primary reason alkaline water is so good for you.   The antioxidant properties of ionized alkaline water are created during the electrodialysis process – the method used by ionizers to ionize water. The Pitcher of Life uses a mineral cartridge that produces some antioxidant power.

Which water ionizer is right for you?


Before you decide which water ionizer is right for you, think about what you are going to use it for. If you are facing health challenges, you want all the antioxidant power you can get. The Life 9100 gives you the highest levels of antioxidant power possible in a glass of water with pH levels that are perfect for daily drinking.

If all you need is a glass of healthy drinking water, the Pitcher of Life can deliver! For best results, you should have a water ionizer like the Life 9100 for home, and use a Pitcher of Life to have healthy water when you travel.

Got questions about water ionizers? Call our healthy water experts today at 877-959-7977.

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