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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

Life Ionizers MXL9 Water Ionizer Review

Highest antioxidant potential at pH levels perfect for daily drinking! The Life Ionizers M9 is the most powerful 9 plate water ionizer in the world. Watch this short video and discover all the features and benefits that make the Life Ionizers M9 the best value in a nine-plate water ionizer.
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Life Ionizers MXL7 Water Ionizer Overview

The Life Ionizers M-7 is the most powerful 7 plate ionizer in the world. More powerful than Enagic, with better water purity, for over $1,000 less. The Life M-7 gives you the strongest antioxidant alkaline water – at the perfect pH for daily drinking – of any competing 7 plate water ionizer
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Best Alkaline Water Ionizer for Medical Use

The Life M-13 is the alkaline water ionizer made for medical use. It uses laboratory-grade filtration to meet the demanding needs of medical practice, and makes alkaline water with ultra-high antioxidant potential. The M-13 has a high flow rate, making it ideal for busy medical practices. It can be combined with Life’s Reverse Osmosis treatment, and UV Light protection systems to produce alkaline water with guaranteed purity for research and medical use.
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Life Water Ionizers | 3 Money-Saving benefits

There are many people who depend on bottled water to stay hydrated throughout the day. Unfortunately, bottled water is expensive, many households tend to purchase bottled water of inferior quality, it’s often nothing more than filtered tap water! Unfortunately, there is no way that you can determine just how clean
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Kangen Water Compared to Life Ionized Alkaline Water

How does Kangen water compare to alkaline water made by a Life Ionizer?  Kangen water® is actually weaker than ionized alkaline water made by a Life Ionizer because the Kangen water® machine isn’t anywhere near as powerful as a Life Ionizer. Kangen water® is a brand name for alkaline water that was
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Where are Life Ionizers Made?

Life Alkaline Water Ionizers are designed by EarthTrade Water Corporation in the USA, manufactured in Korea and then customized for their owners at Life Ionizers locations in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and other locations. In Korea, Life Ionizers are used as medical devices in clinics and hospitals as well
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Life Ionizers on Food Made Simple with Kelly Emberg

Kelly Emberg on Food Made Simple with Life Ionizers Life Ionizers was recently featured on Food Made Simple, a radio show hosted by Kelly Emberg, The Model Gardener.  Adam Marshall from Life Ionizers was interviewed by Kelly and explained the differences between ionized water, reverse osmosis water, distilled water, and
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What makes one water ionizer better than another?

What makes one water ionizer better than another and why by The Best Water Ionizers? Imagine drinking from the fabled Fountain of Youth every day. Each morning you wake up you feel fitter, more energetic, more alive. The water tastes sweet and refreshing, so different, and so much better than,
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How to get a FREE Water Ionizer

Imagine drinking the best tasting, healthiest water that could add years to your life – every day. How much would that kind of water be worth to you? Would you be willing to pay as much as you do for bottled water, which actually costs more per gallon than gas?
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How Life Alkaline Water Ionizers protect you from Chlorine

Chlorine in your drinking water can be extremely harmful, even in small amounts. Alkalinity can actually make chlorine’s effects worse. To make sure your alkaline water is as healthy as possible, Life Ionizers takes a multi-stage approach to removing chlorine from your water. Life Ionizers goes the extra distance to
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The Top 10 things to Look for in a Water Ionizer

These are the 10 most important things you must consider when looking at a water ionizer: 1.      Space 2.      Health 3.      Beauty 4.      Budget 5.      Local water conditions 6.      Ease of use 7.       Flow rate 8.      Certifications 9.      Warranty 10. Technology   1. Space – Decide where the water ionizer
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